Big Bath Sleep-Out: At Home

Avoid the irony, sadly this year Bath’s annual big sleep-out event in Alice Park cannot be for obvious reasons. But homelessness during a lockdown is no joke. Julian House and Bath Boules Charitable Trust lay down a more local gauntlet, inviting you to join in with a sleep-out in your garden, on your balcony or your kitchen floor, sticking to your household/social bubble.

It’s okay, calm down, it’s not until 5th March, when hopefully weather will be more clement, a reality homeless don’t get. So, to stand up against homelessness, challenge yourself to sleep out for just one night at home and help raise vital funds and awareness for men and women forced to do so every night.

Last year they provided life-changing support to over 1,400 vulnerable individuals who were experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness across Bath, Bristol, and the South West. It’s a grim realisation, that without support like this, the life expectancy of a long-term homeless person is just 45 years. By sleeping out, you can change that.

On top of everyday challenges, the on-going impact of Coronavirus has had a devastating effect on the men, women, and children in care. Collectively you can help provide the lifesaving services and support they so desperately need right now.

More details here

A Beginner’s Introduction to Oils in All Cannings with Arts Together

A little-known personal fact, at the tender age of twelve I won a posh set of Windsor & Newton oil paints via a Kellogg’s competition, and feared to touch them for years! Oils are the crème-de-la-crème of art, in awe of those humongous Renaissance paintings hanging in the National Gallery came the worry I’d never…

Hometown Gig for Nothing Rhymes with Orange

First one in what I hope to be a series diverting negative local social media hysteria about wayward youths in our area, must be a Devizes-based indie-pop band of young hoodlums with nothing better to do with their time than pick up guitars and drums, practise like crazy, self-promote themselves, and name themselves with a…

Gazette & Herald to Buy Out Devizine

In a deal I’ve been trying to clench for a year now, Newsquest, owners of Wiltshire based newspapers, including the Gazette & Herald have taken the decision today to buy out Devizine and merge it with the Gazette……. It is fantastic news for us, as Devizine readers will no longer have to put up with…

Wharf-ing Back To Happiness!

Do you remember the wonderful sounds of The Shadows and The Tornadoes beaming across the airwaves from Radio Caroline with their spellbinding instrumentals; Apache, Foot Tapper and Riders in the Sky? If you do then you will not want to miss the star guest at Devizes’ Wharf Theatre on 15th April, Kevin Dean, who recreates…

Catherine Read to stand as Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Devizes

Last Week, the Green Party announced Catherine Read as their candidate for the next General Election in Devizes…..And I know what many will have to say….. You carry on with your inane imaginings of Catherine being some dreadlocked hippy-chick, twirling uncontrollably barefoot at a love-in, if you must, we’ve surpassed your pathetic stereotyping. For Catherine…

Song of the Week: Talk in Code

You can’t stay on the sunny side of the street; you’ve got to cross over at some point. But if the blurb I’m sent for Talk in Code’s latest single Hindsight suggests they’re showing “a darker side,” don’t run off with the notion they’ve come over all Radiohead….. Taken from their second album, The Big…

Weekly Roundup of Events in Wiltshire: 29th March – 4th April 2023

Here we go, headlong into April with lots to do….. Said it before, I’ll say it again, more stuff will be added, this is published on Mondays so you’ve time to grab any tickets for ticketed events, but live music in pubs and things like this will no doubt come to our attention through the…

Poetika Open Mic Night The Winchester gate, Salisbury. Tues 21st March 2023

By Helen Edwards A few weeks ago whilst scrolling through social media an advert for this event came up.  Intrigued and having never been to a poetry night before I popped it into my calendar.  The date soon came round and I nearly bailed… too much to do, too far to drive, too dark, cold, lazy.  But before…

Concrete Prairie at The Southgate

Without cloning technology it was another Saturday night dilemma still as easily solved; Concrete Prairie were at The Gate, arm twisted…. From The Barge to the Pump we were spoiled for live music choices; any decision made I could predict would’ve paid off. But after fondly reviewing Swindon’s dark roots Americana five-piece, Concrete Prairie’s self-titled…


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