Sheer Music’s Mum to Jump out of Aeroplane!

Okay, it’s a funny headline, but a serious message is attached to it, all about Stanley.

Stanley was born too early, at thirty weeks gestation in August 2016, and was placed in NICU. Luckily, both he and his mum came home from hospital.

Unfortunately, having been starved of oxygen during the emergency caesarean he has been left with Cerebal Palsy affecting all four limbs. As a result of this Stanley is unable to walk at all and bunnyhops everywhere he goes.

He is being assessed for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery at Bristol Children’s Hospital and part of his treatment requires that he has as much physiotherapy as possible ahead of the surgery and for two years following, to give him the best outcome possible.

Unfortunately, he gets next to nothing in the way of physiotherapy from the NHS so it’s up to the family to fund this. The good news is, that this is working and his core strength is improving and he is now able to ‘stand’ on his knees for a short while.

To help with the cost, Stanley’s superheroic grandma, and mum to our good friend, Kieran of Sheer Music, is intending to jump out of a plane at 6000ft and freefall for 45 seconds at around 120 mph, as any gran would! “I want to add to his fund by doing something totally mad,” Teri explains, and that it surely is.

Teri is currently being treated for bowel and secondary Liver cancer, which she says is, “scary enough,” without the notion she’ll be free-falling from six feet let alone 6000!

I’m guessing she’ll be strapped to young, hunky skydiving type macho-man. I asked her this, but she didn’t reply, so as usual I’m making this little bit up! But best wishes to Teri, and if you could please sponser her in, as she puts it, “scaring myself stupid for my grandson,” every penny will go to her grandson Stanley. Thank you.

Follow this link to Teri’s campaign:

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