Devizes Medieval Trail: from town centre to Church and from Hanging Grounds to Hillworth Park.

I’m delighted to introduce you to our new writer, T.B.D. Rose, here with details of a nice local walk. I’m hoping this might become something of series, as we all need a little more exercise and there’s such a huge selection of beautiful tracks and trails to choose from! Thank you, TYG.

Beginning past our Town Hall currently adorned with Union Jack’s and through St. John’s Court into St. John’s Church, where once you pass the gate into the church yard you turn right and head over the Bridge leading you to Devizes Medieval Trail.

Standing on the bridge, on the way out of the church yard almost completely untouched by time and leading into suburbia, you can take in the ancient majesty of Devizes Castle from afar.

At the end of the trail, you’ll come into the Hanging Grounds, where you’ll see a plaque detailing the Castle’s fascinating historical significance. A word of warning about the Hanging Grounds though: it’s said little can grow and nothing can be built there due to its haunting history.

From the Hanging Grounds you can turn right to the local Co-op or turn left and walk till you reach the entrance of Hillworth park.

Hillworth park, almost every corner of which holds an exciting activity or notable attraction waiting to be discovered, is an all-round informative and just fun place to explore with its beautifully maintained landscape and small but scrumptious café. Their toasties get a recommendation from me!

So that pretty much sums up our journey, it’s gorgeous, tranquil and altogether convenient for anyone visiting or local who fancies a good stroll through what must be one of our most historical Devizes areas.

T.B.D. Rose

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