Wiltshire Council Leader Richard Clewer Condemns Election Results as “Very Concerning.”

Ever wondered if our county council actually gives a hoot about you? Here’s window into the philosophy of Wiltshire Council leader Richard Clewer, his comments to the Gazette & Herald this week reveal his want for Conservative totalitarianism and his abhorrence at democracy; perhaps why they dropped the slogan where everybody matters in 2019, because clearly to Mr Clewer, only Tories do.…..

In the article he slams the local election results as “not good,” and “very concerning,” as elsewhere in the country, including some key conservative strongholds, Tories have lost control of eleven councils in total, and almost 500 councillors. Though Conservatives held onto our closest council, Swindon Borough, by the skin of its teeth, they lost four wards to Labour, and the Liberal Democrats took Somerset.

Snubbing the political etiquette of impartially congratulating new councillors, like Trump’s final hour of shame, Clewer whimpered on Friday, “they are not a good set of results, and are very concerning, especially in somewhere like Somerset.”

I beg to differ, there’s only two things “very concerning” to all of this, firstly is that our next elections aren’t scheduled until 2025; plenty of time to brush the daily newsfeed of scandal, nation neglect and barefaced fabrications under the carpet and uphold this Tory safe seat, if they can prevent the cabinet from acting like teenage delinquents for more than twenty-four hours.

Secondly, it is “very concerning” the leader of our county council’s vision is so utterly polarised and indoctrinated, he cannot see other people might just have a differing opinion to him.

The article goes onto suggest “Cllr Clewer added that it must be “heart-breaking” for those Tory councillors who have lost their seats in places such as Wandsworth – which has been a Conservative stronghold since 1978.”

Bless, my heart bleeds for them, no, really. Maybe they should’ve thought about this while their precious clown prime minster trudged us through the economic suicide of Brexit, the horrific impact of which is only now being revealed through hyperinflation, border control, and the breaking apart of the United Kingdom.

Maybe it should have crossed their minds when their precious prime minister failed to attend Cobra meetings, ignored the World Health Organisation’s advice to lockdown prior to certain money-making sports events, causing the virus to spread and made us the worst affected country in Europe. Then insisted on partying through lockdown while all around us families were dying.

Maybe there could’ve been an inkling something was amiss every time their precious prime minster failed, on every single count, and while I could go on with the perpetual cycle of car-crashes this government has dragged us through. The threadbare reality of this constant shit-show is becoming visible to even the knuckle draggers; “A hungry man is an angry Man.”

Change is certain; I bet your bottom dollar Wiltshire will be at the back of that queue.

Cllr Clewer also said that he was relieved that Wiltshire Council was not holding an election this year, as “it would have been very tough.” No shit, Sherlock. In a word; good. It is a good thing to have a council of varying opinions, one which can present answers in response to the public, rather than one blindly following arrogant crooks. The opposition is just an opposition, it may vary from your insufferable judgements, but it doesn’t make them wrong, or some demonic uprising, or even something to be concerned about. It just means “Your old road is rapidly agin’……”

“Please get out of the new one,

If you can’t lend your hand

For the times they are a-changin’,” and you better like it or lump it!


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