Boom Bap! The Scribes at The Muck; Hip Hop Lands in Devizes!

What time is it? Time for me to pretend I’m keepin’ it realz, replace letters S for Z and generally use phrases like “rock da house!” Or, perhaps it’z overdue for Devizes to get diversity in its musical entertainment. For aside the occasions when the Arts Festival or DOCA bring us something different, niche markets rarely extend past blues and folk, and rock which descended from them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that Devizes is a blues town, and its connections put it on the blues map. But ever since hip hop DJs The Allergies (here I go) rocked da Muck & Dundar rum bar house, and rammed the place with party people, I’ve been biding my time, awaiting this moment when the boom bap trio I’m always hailing, Bristol’s The Scribes will grace us with their presence.

The Allergies @ the Muck & Dundar

I tip my hat to that gorgeous rum bar, the type of place you could believe you’re on some tropical holiday until you spill back out into the Brittox, for they’ve only gone and done it, and with more secrets up their sleeves I’m not yet allowed to mention, they present an evening with the Scribes on Saturday 26th November. Tickets are up for grabs now; I strongly suggest you do!

Reasoning: thus, The Scribes are the freshest contemporary rap trio you’ve ever seen, I kid you not, but equally, are not afraid to incorporate classic old skool methods. Far from an ethos of gold, bling, garden tools and other cliché US hip hop subjects, The Scribes affirm UK Hip Hop’s standing as something bought from the original message of carefree fun, particularly within their live shows. Expect banter, impromptu rap, and tongue-twisting genius as the guys really move audience participation in a manner unlike anyone you may’ve witnessed before, no shit!

The Scribes

They are in short, incredible rappers, the kind I’ve likened to A Tribe Called Quest, and the Fu-Schnickens, and they come without aforementioned bolshy pretence.  Earlier this year The Scribes announced the group’s official signing with the incredible Stimulus Management Agency, joining the ranks of Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah, KRS One, Method Man, Pete Rock, Public Enemy, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan and a star-studded plethora of hip hop legends. I’ve been “bigging them up,” since day dot, the music press is hailing them the UK’s hottest hip hop act.

But more to the point; I sang the praises of Devizes to frontman Ill Literate last time we met in Trow-Vegas, I promised we’d be knocking back rum cocktails in style, with a packed bar behind them, I told them The Muck & Dundar is the beautiful holiday-at-home experience it is and gave them my word our wonderful little town will get behind them. Do not disappoint me, and I guarantee you now, you’ll not be disappointed when the night is done! Tickets are here, see you there!

The Scribes & Trowbridge Town Hall


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