Sustainable Devizes Opens Community Fridge

It’s early days, but it’s great to see the Devizes Community Fridge standing proud in the Shambles today. Running since the beginning of the month as a pilot scheme, Fridays will be the day to visit the fridge, the concept is simple, take out only what you need, put in items which you don’t.

It has been a success in Marlborough, among a hundred other towns, and stands to cut down on waste and provide food for those in need. The project has been coordinated by Sustainable Devizes and the Devizes Living Room group, as the mastermind of Martin Elliot.

There will an official launch on Friday 18th November in the Market Place, but it really is one of those projects the success of hugely depends on those aware and making good use of it. So, we welcome the community fridge, so pleased to see it there when passing through, and I wish it all the best of success.

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is the first time I have ever wished a fridge the best of success!!


Weekly Roundup of Events in Wiltshire: 22nd – 28th March 2023

All the ickle birdies singing in the blossom, and it’s beginning to look at bit more like spring, which it should, being equinox, which basically means, take a raincoat to all the events we’ve found to do in Wiltshire this coming week! As usual, more information and ticket links to everything I waffle on about…

See Behind the Scenes: Open Day at The Wharf Theatre

Saturday April 1st, between 10am and 2pm The Wharf Theatre in Devizes are holding their second ever open day, it’s free and open to all. Whether you’ve been in the theatre before, or not, everyone is welcome to come and see what goes on at the Theatre and what goes into putting on a show…..…

Danny, Champion of the Food Bank

Featured Image: Bob Naylor/WaterMarx Media While The Trussell Trust created the first food banks in 2000, under Tony Blair, usage of them rose by a staggering 2,612% during David Cameron’s term as Prime Minister. It didn’t stop him barefacedly posing for a Tweet mucking in with Chipping Norton’s “Chippy Larder.” Devizes MP Danny Kruger joined…


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