Billy Green Three’s Endless Scrolling

That Bill Green and his trio are back, WhatsApping me and spreading the news via social media about his new sardonic rap tune, condemning overuse of social media! Though any hypocrisy in that is forgiven, and not only because it’s an upbeat beguiling track, teetering with Geordie banter and end of the day, pertinent; course we all spend too much time on our phones, but if you didn’t you might’ve missed this nugget of brilliance.

It did get me contemplating days of yore, when there was always a book in my bathroom, but now, provided you don’t drop your phone down the u-bend, the book vanished along with those dolly toilet-roll holders, we’re Endless Scrolling, the very title of said satirical outpouring. The minefield maybe partially solvable through filtering; easier said than done, you want to remain Facebook friends with granny. Yet the perpetual stream of people’s dinner, dumbed opinion, cute cats, and FitBit stats and so on and so forth, is, as Bill rightly states here, boring.

A dilemma often commented on, and usually on social media, though the angle here isn’t thoroughly condemning internet surfing in general, or labelling anyone, just suggesting, it’s addictive conundrum and place in society in accordance with basic manners. Neither is the song cliché, as it’s accepting people will do it, rather than outright lambasting the whole habit, it’s about finding the right time and place; I might yet get let off for surfing on the loo.

At the dawn of smart phones there was an etiquette the popularity of has greatly reduced, so now it seems perfectly acceptable behaviour to scroll away while someone is addressing you in the antiquated fashion of face-to-face verbal communication, like there’s a more important world online than whatever it is they were going to tell you, which there might well be, but come on, manners! That’s where Billy Green Three are coming from with this delightful ditty, take a listen.

I get where you’re coming from Bill, though totally guilty as charged; hold on, just got to check my likes on our last post, then yeah, I get where you’re coming from, mate! Wey aye, man, canny toon.


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