Introducing The Next Magnificent Seven Tracks from Our Julia’s House Compilation

Me and my absent mind. We released the second volume of our compilation album series in August, when I announced its release, and revealed further details of the first seven tunes, with a promise to detail them all in groups of seven…. then, nothing, nada, absolutely spaced on it!

I can only apologise to all the contributors, and hope we can catch up on it again. So, here is the previous article, which tells of exactly this worthy project is all about, and I’m going to now encourage you to buy this download, as all profits will go to Julia’s House Children’s Hospices in Dorset and Wiltshire, and you get yourself a marvellous selection of tunes which you can treat as a teaser or introduction to many of the amazing musicians we have locally.

Buy it HERE

Without further ado here are the next seven artists to have contributed, and I endeavour to publish another as soon as possible. But, if I’m honest, I’m getting rather frustrated with the project, sales haven’t been so good, and that’s troubling being all the hard work and kindness these good folk have shown us. And me too, listening and organising all this great music really takes it out of you! Seriously though, the reason I’ve failed in promoting this as well as I could have, goes hand-in-hand with said frustrations. Therefore, I’m hoping this might spur some interest.

To all contributing artists, do message us if you’d like your free copy, I’ll send you a coupon code.

8- N/SH – Elemental Times (2020)

Everyone’s favourite school teacher, Garri Nash, is a Swindon-based singer-songwriter with a unique take on music. We first met at a gig at the Crown in Bishop’s Cannings, where I just scooted in for the last few songs of his set. Under the pseudo-name N/SH, he’s a solo, multi-instrumentalist of the alternative indie kind, offering fragments of electronica and ambient soundscapes. Often melancholic, N/SH cites Radiohead, The Smile, Fink, and The Slow Show among his influences.

 We fondly reviewed his last album, Recreational Trespass in September, where you can find out more about what makes Garri tick!

9- Psychedelicat – Ark (2020)

Artist originally listed as Rebsie Fairholm & Marvin B. Naylor, Marvin added in his email, that they’re now going under the name Psychedelicat, and asked if I could use this instead of their own names, which I’ve only just spotted…. I’m full of apologies today, aren’t I?! I believe the issue is, when I reach out for contributions to these compilations, I’m inundated and this is not the only technical error to have been discovered, believe me!

This has been corrected, but know Rebsie and Marvin were new to me, introduced to our project by Richard Wileman. Initially bonding over a mutual love of 12-string guitars, Rebsie Fairholm and Marvin B. Naylor came from different parts of the musical universe and somehow met in the middle. Marvin’s unique style of 60s-marinaded psych-pop and Rebsie’s dark chocolate psych-folk combine to create new dimensions in jangle as one of the world’s only 12-string guitar duos; supplemented by harp, mellotron, crumhorn, early-Floyd-style effects units and anything else they find lying around in the studio. Our track Ark is a shining example, a truly beautiful song.

10 – Sean Amor – Follow Your Own Way (2020)

One quarter of Swindon’s foot-stomping folk, Celtic and Americana band, The Copper Creek Band, Sean sent us this solo single, Follow Your Own Way unsolicited, and we’re glad he did. Sean Amor weaves a wonderful blend of Americana-tinged contemporary folk, albeit firmly rooted in older traditions. So, another new one on me, which is one of many great things about this project, finding new artists. Follow Your Own Way is immediately lovable, persevering vocals and a simple but effective riff; just works for me!

11 – MGB – No Barriers

Originally listed as Westbury-based husband and wife duo, Bob & Amanda Condrey, there was some confusion also around this track. Bob wanted the third musician “Ginge” mentioned, though he sadly passed away recently, the duo continues with the name MGB.

No Barriers is astutely written acoustic magic, with Amanda on these ringing vocals; honoured to have it on our album.

 12 – Lawrence Williams – Love Will Carry On (Laurence Williams and lyrics by Phil Young 2021)

Oxfordshire’s Lawrence Williams is from the band, Port in a Storm. Which though I had heard of in passing, Lawrence was another new one on me, introduced by this project.

This wonderfully uplifting song dates to about 1998, Lawrence told me, “As it was always in my head. I wanted to create a very big “wall of sound” track.”

“Fast forward to 2021,” he continued, “and with my own studio and instruments I worked on the arrangement part by part building up playing piano, guitars, bass, drums and some realistic orchestral samples to try and capture some of the magic from the 60’s big production recordings. The song itself is an obvious nod to the 60’s but also from the time it was written the Brit pop sounds of the 90’s too.”

Currently working on a solo album which Lawrence promises to be released this year with a variety of “jingle jangle guitars, catchy melodies, and piano ballads alongside.”

13 – Fly Yeti Fly – Shine a Light (2017)

Bradford On Avon based acoustic folk duo, Lorna Somerville and Darren Fisher, aka Fly Yeti Fly have made a great name for themselves, blending sensitive vocal harmonies with intricate guitar arrangements, mandolin and harmonica, weaving songs and stories from their travels together, with a sound that is reminiscent of the late-’60s folk scene. Now living on their canal boat on the K&A canal, their music is heavily influenced by the natural world and life on the water.

Shine a Light is taken from the 2017 album Shine a Light in the Dark, and I’m overjoyed to present it here.

14 – Daisy Chapman – Generation Next (2017)

 Taken from the album Good Luck Songs, which we reviewed here, Generation Next is a prime example of how Trowbridge based internationally renowned musician Daisy Chapman can weave the most intelligent lyrics into the most beautifully orchestral yet folk-tinged songs. We reviewed Good Luck Songs here, take a listen.

And that’s all for now, I will, I swear, get on with the next magnificent seven songs, but hopefully not before you treat yourself to this amazing compilation album!


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