Devizine Podcast Pilot!

Okay, so, everyone is doing a podcast these days, and I’m a sucker which finds it impossible to go against the grain. Here’s my pathetic attempt at comedy, interspliced with some great, mostly locally sourced tunes…… enjoy as best you can, there’s no guilt in not listening, because if you don’t, you’re the sensible one!

Do not fear, it’s under an hour and half, anymore and I worry for your sanity. But, if I’m honest, I’m a smidgen worried how this is going to go down, being new to all this, so any feedback I might even yet take heed of! Please note, though, this is adult show, with adult material, which some listeners may find offensive.

Any more than one piece of positive feedback and I might be persuaded to make it monthly thing, already got a number of local Christmassy songs for a seasonal special next time; you have been warned!

As I said in it, I’d really like a jingle, if some musical friends have the time to record a quick ditty and send it in, that’d be awesome. Something which really clarifies just how crap it is, would be nice!


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