Changing Times For Lacock’s Boxing Day Hunt Protest

Wiltshire Hunt Saboteurs report some great news, ahead of the Avon Vale Hunt’s Boxing Day Hunt, happening in Lacock today….

Wadworth-owned Lacock pub, The Red Lion, traditionally the meeting point for the start of the hunt, has made the decision to not open until after the hunt has left the village.

The National Trust has also restricted usage of their carpark in the village for the hunt supporters. Although we’ve currently heard The Bell on Bowden Hill will provide car parking, people are being urged to contact them to let them know their feelings on this. Devizine has done this, and we await their response.

If brewery owners of The Red Lion, who part-own the hunt kennels, and have been masters of this hunt in years past, can make the right decision to restrict their facilities to the Avon Vale Hunt in light of the violence last year, so can the community as a whole.

Let’s hope for a peaceful protest, and for Wiltshire Police to provide a more efficient and impartial service this time, as it seems the support for the hunt is dwindling rapidly, and a majority present today will be campaigning against hunting rather than supporting it.


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