Old Wharf Café to Become Meeting Room

The Kennet & Avon Trust today revealed plans to convert the old café on Devizes Wharf, Couch Lane, into a meeting facility; how exciting!

It is now available as a meeting facility, charged out at competitive rates. It also offers the opportunity to service light refreshments.

More specific details on availability and charge-out rates can be obtained from Carolyn Calder at devizes.chair@katrust.org.uk and on 07739 330159. There’s plentiful pay carparking, but personally I’d like to think the beautiful space could be better used for arts, events, or charity purposes, but we all need a nice meeting every now and then, don’t we?!

Argh, I’m so excited about this I simply don’t think I can contain myself and I’ve come over all management speak; moving forward to some blue-sky thinking, then….


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