If Old Photos of Devizes Were Posted on Social Media Today…..

Looking at old photos of Devizes can be a pleasurable way to spend a Sunday morning, such a beautiful and historic market town we live in, and things haven’t changed all that much…. architecturally….

But what if these photographs were posted on local Facebook groups today? What would the comments be? Our non-roving reporter, Karen McKarenson, speculates….

Is this where I stand 4 the 49 bus? Ive bin waiting 4 ages nuthin, bloody council – tia #devizesbusserviceisrubbish
Saw this van 2day in market plice – derty travellers parked in disabled bay. Where b the police? No bluddy where!
Look at that teenager just sittin on the bridge – where R his parents? Probably vapping as well- Sumbuddy needs to call the police #teenagersrunriotindevizes
Dunt no bout u but im fed up of peeple tryin to turn right at shanes castle – look at this twat #muppetdrivindevizes
Nun of these lot paid 4 parkin with the iphone app 2day – dole scroungers leftie woke whingers git a job
Wat idot put this up? Askin 4 a friend who neerly crashed his fiat into it #health&saftee in #devizes is a joke
Still cee murderous kids killin ducks by feedin them on the crammer wen they no its all infected wif bird flu cos that trusty councillor said it was – sumbuddy needs to string em up #deathtodevizeskidsfeedinducks
Smelly eco actavists rammed market plice 2day – nowhere 2 park the audi to go 2 greggs how wee supposed to #supportlocalbiznis wif these lot stickin there faces to the market X?
Why build up kids hopes of escapin only 2 knock em down – they’ll be waiting here for a while yet. #youthof2day numpties – get yr dad 2 giv u a lift!

Hope you like them, if you know of any more send them in or add them in the comments of social media shares – oh, the irony!


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