Bradford-on-Avon Raises £250,000 For New Skatepark

Communities, getting together, fundraising, and doing something good for their town’s youth. It might sound like the stuff of Terry Pratchett fantasy here in Devizes right now, but over in Bradford-on-Avon, it’s a reality…..

They’ve successfully raised their £250,000 target and invited the town to come and see their new skatepark designs earlier this afternoon at St Margaret’s Hall.

Maverick Skateparks have been busy perfecting their final plans and are presenting them to the full council, to vote on passing on to the construction phase. Campaigners intended to cram the council offices with supporters, we hear it went well.

This is what working with and listening to the public can achieve, Wiltshire Council, proactive engagement in providing facilities for youth, rather than condemning them in meetings, least so-called “drop-in” events deliberately arranged at such a time our younger generation would be unable to attend, much less air their views upon.

Well done, Bradford-on-Avon, for it’s more than a skatepark. It’s a testament to community spirit in an era that has seen so many youth enterprises and facilities cut back. If heaven is a halfpipe, you are the gods of the 180!


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