Catherine Read to stand as Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Devizes

Last Week, the Green Party announced Catherine Read as their candidate for the next General Election in Devizes…..And I know what many will have to say…..

You carry on with your inane imaginings of Catherine being some dreadlocked hippy-chick, twirling uncontrollably barefoot at a love-in, if you must, we’ve surpassed your pathetic stereotyping. For Catherine is a health professional, with thirty years experience as a clinical radiographer working in the NHS. Now, looking for a different role, she is an active member of her community, working alongside local government to promote sustainable transport options and cleaner air.

Previously, she set up full time nursery provision and a BMX riding facility in her local village. Catherine has been a school governor at both primary and secondary level and a Parish Councillor. As a member of various environmental groups, Catherine is involved in activities to address climate change, shares eco friendly tips on social media and is gardening for wildlife.

Catherine said, “I am proud to have been chosen as the Green Party’s candidate for Devizes. More people are supporting the Greens and we have seen a record number of Green councillors being elected across the country, including in Wiltshire. The Devizes area has the opportunity to select a different MP, one from a party that has not become complacent. Living in this community, I will be standing up for local people and bring a fresh outlook and vision.

“After 12 years of a Conservative government, we are experiencing crisis after crisis because of poor political choices. People are struggling with an out of control cost-of-living crisis, soaring energy bills and public services that are just not working for us. Increased sewage in our rivers and seas, an attack on nature and a failed climate promises, where our government have not stepped up and committed to the actions that are needed.

“I am optimistic that this can change. We are seeing how people are supporting our public sector workers, calling for our water industry, railways and energy to be in back public hands. The NHS would be safe with the Green Party. We would take control of the NHS and end creeping privatisation. It is the Green voices in Parliament who are speaking out and challenging the government when they are not doing right by the public.’

“If you agree with me that we need a fairer greener country, one that puts people and the environment first, then please vote for me at the next General Election.”

Devizine wishes Catherine the very best of luck. We have to be thinking green now, don’t we? Not aiming for an amber tag on your recycling bin! While I accept the public should focus on reducing the workload, Wiltshire Council’s hanger idea, I feel is counterproductive, and will inevitably result in more landfill, as well as being another unnecessary slip of sliced tree itself. We have to do this because we want to do this and not being pushed or punished for not. We have to do this because a worshipping money system is not the way to govern, you can’t take your wallet with you when it goes belly-up. I think we need to pose some serious questions for Catherine, and a few silly ones to lighten the mood, closer to general election time….even if we have to sail to the polling station.

More information about Green party policies are available at


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