Hometown Gig for Nothing Rhymes with Orange

First one in what I hope to be a series diverting negative local social media hysteria about wayward youths in our area, must be a Devizes-based indie-pop band of young hoodlums with nothing better to do with their time than pick up guitars and drums, practise like crazy, self-promote themselves, and name themselves with a rational band name, like Nothing Rhymes With Orange……

Even though we have a mountain in Wales called Blorenge, and, the technical term for a sac where spores are made, sporange, all of which they could’ve Googled, but perhaps were too busy becoming the band the best upcoming band in the South West, Salisbury’s Carsick, cite as the best upcoming band in the South West…. maybe!

Whatever the reason for them overlooking these obscure words which do rhyme with orange, the guys are really at the top of their game right now, something we all should tip our hats to. Since fondly reviewing their EP last November, they’ve ventured off to perform in Bristol, Bath, and Trowbridge, as well as Chippenham’s Take the Stage contest. I’ve be encouraging some home-turf gigging too, which is never easy being they and their prospering fanbase are predominately under eighteen.

Seems my bleating to DOCA paid off, and all looks set for the guys to perform at Devizes International Street Festival in May, for here’s something without age limitations which can all enjoy. This is an opportunity I’d like to see become an annual thing, where we recommend a local upcoming band of the year to play the main stage, rather than any kind of bolt-on substitute. Because these guys thoroughly deserve all the attention they’re getting, and you thoroughly need to see them perform.

Which you can do sooner, Saturday April 22nd to be precise, as they play a hometown self-organised gig at West Lavington Hall, with support from three bands new to me, Stoneface, Paradigm, and Frankastre. Showing my age, maybe, but Nothing Rhymes With Orange’s accomplishments are also sharing the attention with a next generation circuit developing, and without trying to sound like a Mandalorian, something which has been “the way” since the eve of rock n roll!

If you don’t wish to take my word for it, someone you should never doubt when it comes to music, Sheer Music’s Kieran Moore, sung their praises after a sell-out show last night at The Pump, alongside Chippenham-based (I believe?) band The Sunnies, currently taking a similar route. Kieran had this to say, “wow, just wow. When the bands first played, they were a bunch of teenagers looking for opportunities. Fast forward a year, and they’ve both been hitting up Chippenham’s Take The Stage and St James Wine Vaults in Bath, played a number of gigs for us at The Pump, and begun hosting their own gigs in Lavington and generally have grown astronomically quick.”

“That furious year of activity have seen the bands stream line their abilities, build their craft and become the anchors around which we will hang off our scene. Their sounds have become dynamic, more focused, and concise. The crowds now know all their lyrics, and sing and dance accordingly, and the teenagers come and are so respectful. It’s a pure treat to watch this all unfold, and The Pump is beaming with pride, because it’s not just the bands who have been developing, but the team there too.”

Don’t save me a seat, I’ll be crowd-surfing, and hope to see you there! Tickets are just eight quid, HERE. And I’d also like to thank The Pump for continuing to showcase upcoming talent, for more info on forthcoming gigs at the Pump, check here. But, if it’s one incredible thing to see a Springsteen gig, it’s a whole other ballpark to see a Springsteen gig in New Jersey, and wager, least hope for a similar effect in the Lavingtons!

Wayward youths are in the minority, and historically always have been. Sweeping generalisations, tarnishing groups according to age is counterproductive, probably making matters worse. We want to focus on the positives, highlight those youths out there doing good, for really, stuff the clickbait bad press, they’re in the majority, and here is the proof. If you know of more examples we’d like to hear from you.


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