Weekly Roundup of Events in Wiltshire: 12th – 18th April 2023

Speeding through April come sunshine, rain or a little bit unpredictable changing between the two, such is the season.…..

Said it before, I’ll say it again, more stuff will be added, this is published on Mondays so you’ve time to grab any tickets for ticketed events, but live music in pubs and things like this will no doubt come to our attention through the week, so please keep in the loop with our event calendar as it’d be impossible if not very cluttered to post individual events onto our social media pages.

The one link you need is here, our event calendar, for planning ahead, more info and ticket links.

Tuesday 11th wildlife presenter Gordon Buchanan’s 30 Years in The Wild at The Wyvern Theatre, Swindon.

Opening night Wednesday 12th and running until 13th April, An Evening Shared with Jasper Carrott & Alistair McGowan at The Wyvern Theatre, Swindon.

Also Wednesday, The Rondo Theatre, Bath has something for the easter holidays, Top Secret: The Magic of Science children’s show matinee, and BBC’s Live at the Apollo North London comedian Emmanuel Sonubi in the evening with his tour Emancipated.

Never forget though, it’s the regular acoustic jam at the Southgate in Devizes every Wednesday.

Thursday 13th incredible bluesman Eddie Martin plays a special set at the church in Bromham, for a fundraiser for social centre rebuild which burnt down a couple of years ago.

One to watch out for, The Blackheart Orchestra plays Chapel Arts in Bath, while Tatty Macleod, better known as, ‘That French TikTok Lady,’ tours Fudge (WIP) at the Rondo Theatre.

And choir Ten in Bar start a three nightery at Swindon Arts Centre, running until Saturday 15th.

Friday 14th sees Hadrian’s Union at The Southgate, Devizes. Trash Panda at the Coopers, Pewsey. Phil Cooper & Jamie R Hawkins Get Schwifty at The Bear in Marlborough.

Quiz Night from the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust at The Neeld in Chippenham.

Brakelight play The Poplars in Wingfield near Trowbridge.

Fire, Rain & American Pie at Chapel Arts, Bath, with Sophies Duker’s Hag tour at the Rondo Theatre

Hairy MacLary Adventures with Weyo, sees conductor Tim Redmond and his brother Tom Redmond, who together present the Royal Albert Hall’s My Great Orchestral Adventure series, join the West of England Youth Orchestra for a fun-filled interactive family concert at the Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon.

Find Bully Bones at The Three Horseshoes, also in Bradford-on-Avon.

Sour Apple play The Crown in Westbury.

Green Day tribute, Green Haze at The Vic in Swindon, while Tanwood Youth Theatre presents Musical Mayhem at The Wyvern Theatre.

But focus your eyes on this treat, Editor’s Pick of The Week, it’s Jazz Knights’ third Swindon Jazz & Soul Festival at the Christ Church in Old Town. Friday night is soul night headlined by OMAR and QCBA with elements of Jazz, also featuring sessions from Eric Mylod-Okafo, Jack Baldus, Marvin Muoneké Duo. The fun continues Saturday.

Saturday 15th The Wharf Theatre, Devizes will be Walking Back to Happiness, with Kevin Dean’s Hot Band, who will breathe new life in the wonderful sounds of The Shadows and The Tornadoes.

Staying in Devizes, Billy Walton Band play Long Street Blues Club, Triple JD Band at The Southgate, Funked Up at The Three Crowns, and Ben Borrill at the Moonrakers.

Ska-punk at The Lamb in Marlborough with Operation 77.

The Will Blake Band with Junkyard Dogs in support at The Landsdowne Hall in Derry Hill.

Wiltshire Police Band’s Spring Concert at Seend Community Hall, Helena Softley @ The Barge, Honey-Street.

Eco-Future Fest at The Neeld in Chippenham.

Kova Me Bad play The Vic in Swindon, One Chord Wonders at The Queen’s Tap, Francis Rossi has Tunes & Chat at The Wyvern Theatre.

And Editor’s Pick of The Week, Swindon Jazz & Soul Festival continues at The Christ Church with a whole day and night of live jazz from across the genres, and African themed live music featuring artists from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Caribbean artists from Dominica and Trinidad.

The Clare Teal Four at Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon, The Butt Monkeys at The Three Horseshoes.

Two Beatles play Prestbury Sports Bar, Warminster.

Folk Rock Experience Tour- The Songs of Sandy Denny at Chapel Arts, Bath, while Garrett Millerick’s Just Trying to Help show comes to the Rondo Theatre.

Sunday 16th sees Devizes Lions’ Sponsored Walk, and some amazing music around the county….

A gothic acoustic matinee with the fantastic Deadlight Dance at The Blue Boar in Aldbourne.

Another unmissable, John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett at The Pump, Trowbridge.

The Worried Men play The Three Horseshoes, Bradford-on-Avon, and that’s awesome too!

Axel Blake’s In Style at The Wyvern Theatre, Swindon, while Long For The Coast & Drew Bryant play The Tuppenny.

And Monday 17th, I got nought!

Tuesday 18th sees Nadiya and Kai’s Once Upon a Time at The Wyvern Theatre, Swindon, and the opening night of the Swindon G & S Society’s Lolanthe, which runs until 22n April at Swindon Arts Centre.

But you know, I’m sure there’s more to come so keep your eye on the event calendar!


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