Carsick Pump It!

By Ben Niamor (with Devizine edits)

This evening I’ve been reminded of a different feeling, something missing in recent years; noisy, energetic, bordering madness…..

Youthful bands with something to say, a truly incredible gig. Sheer Music Presents Carsick at Trowbridge’s Pump, with Devizes own Nothing rhymes with Orange, and first out Meg, from Trowbridge.

Meg has a great voice and some great original songs. NRWO are a great, bouncy, mosh-friendly, superb band with huge potential for a wider audience.

And Salisbury’s Carsick – holy shit, good band! They reminded me of seeing new wave punk, or laterally The Computers. Clearly the whole assembled crowd of all ages felt the same, a resonance, an energy, a way to make people feel alive.

Instant fan, incredible…

It’s been too long since I’ve seen anyone stand on a balcony, or the drum kit, since I saw crowd surfing or saw so many people having fun in this way.

Pump promoter Kieran J Moore continues to impress and influence me, with bands but also the incredible support he offers a scene that evolves. Nights like this makes me proud to know him. 

I have been told by record store owners, reviewers, many people I needed to see these bands and somehow I’ve landed on my feet and seen both together. Thank you all of you, amazing gig and won’t be the last time I see any of you.

Kieran said of the gig, “it’s single handedly more impressive, valuable and important when a band can come to a rural backwater town and blow up a scene, show and venue. Last night, once again, we showed that you don’t need to leave Trowbridge to have the time of your life.”

“Three young, fresh new artists played The Village Pump, and hundred people witnessed something you cannot fake, or throw money at to create. We saw something real, genuine, pure and incredible. It was that simple.”

The Devizine editor, gutted for being unable to make this one(!) wishes to extend this by congratulating all at this fantastic grassroots venue on our doorstep. The Pump continues going from strength-to-strength, last week the subject of a BBC Points West filming, highlighting hostess and trainee sound engineer Megan, as part of her work via The Prince’s Trust. The filming will be broadcast this Thursday 4th May. On our maiden voyage to the Pump, Megan made the perfect host, and her enthusiasm for this opportunity spoke volumes.

We continue to ensure all forthcoming gigs at the Pump are listed on our event calendar, and a direct link to their website is HERE.


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