Kyla Brox; Throw Away your Blues

By Ben Niamor 

Long Street Blues Clubs’ offering for the coronation weekend.. Kyla Brox…..

The bunting is still up for those keen to celebrate, personally I was looking forward to this gig as the crowning moment in my Saturday, and I was not disappointed!

Opening up proceedings the ever-excellent and irrepressible Tom Harris. Tom has ‘Written hundreds of songs and released none,’ he quips before launching into a great set with lots of original songs.

Three Word Slogans, my personal favourite, a genius political anthem.  Should be released digitally come local election time, such is this song’s genius. 

An observational rhyme on the hollow meaningless billboard contradictions of the (I agree with him!) broken political system… 

Classic blues material frankly but delivered in Tom’s moderately manic and good humoured manner. With a disclaimer that it wasn’t necessarily aimed at conservatives..! (Editor’s note, you are in the Conservative Club, after all!) A local gem you are only likely to enjoy by getting out to pubs and venues like this. 

Kyla Brox,  the main event, I wanted to see this lady for a good while; friends had advised me this was an essential gig for me.

I’ve had the album Pain and Glory for some time, and my anticipation of what that record would indicate with regard to a live experience was not wrong.

Kyla attests her incredible voice and total embodiment of soulful blues to singing in her father’s band from twelve years of age;

no surprise, you don’t just learn to embody soulful blues to this standard, it seems to me like that would require those musically enriched genes and history.

Proudly sharing a little of her family and musical history in passing on stage, you realise very quickly this phenomenal voice has been nurtured over a lifetime, not forced and it shows in the stunning, natural way she sings from the heart. 

I feel like I am a little late to the party here, my first time seeing this band live, a good few old friends in tonight by the looks.

Hats off too, to her sensational band, painting the scene for the stars’ vocals.

Superb musicians all.

An outstanding gig, I was enthralled from start to finish, ‘ Queen of the UK blues scene’ as I’ve read elsewhere, not an overused moniker for a coronation day gig, a reflection of the musicianship on display.

Absolutely bowled over and will be making sure to see her again. 

Thank you to Long Street Blues Club for continuing to bring the best bands from across the blues scene to Devizes.


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