The must-have board game this Christmas; FREE to Devizine readers!

The Devizes Dash is the must-have board game this Christmas and it’s FREE to all Devizine Readers.

“It’s a fun game for all the Family,”

Wiltshire Council, Department of Neighbourhood and Planning


Christmas; time for relaxing with the family, caving into commercialisation, wrapping sausages with bacon, and perhaps, playing some games.

Here then is Devizine’s gift to you this yuletide; an entertaining game with local appeal, which’ll soon make you forget all the rushing around, traffic jams and stress of the build up to this profitmaking shenanigan.

Before you begin; take some Evening Primrose Oil, along with a shot of vodka or four, then, print out the two images below and stick them together to make the game board. You need to source some counters to act as vehicles, and dice. Yeah, you do have to sort them out yourselves; do I look like flipping Waddingtons to you?

Object of the game; to make your way through a town centre and be the first to finish; sounds simple eh?  Not when I tell you the town is good ol’ Devizes, a place where infrastructure is a swear word and town planning is just something other towns, somewhere else, do.

Yep, it’s 5PM on a Friday in our modest settlement. Your mission: to make it along the A361 from Beckhamton, through town, and back onto the A361 to Trowbridge. You can take any route (the outcome will be the same anyway,) to accomplish the incredible. Throw a six to start and try not to get stuck in traffic for too long or you’ll be slapped with a parking ticket.

Note: Potholes and road-works have been omitted from the board game to save space, just take it for red that you’ll encounter them on nearly every square.

You have fun now, y’hear.



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