The Ideal Husband is at the Wharf

What makes the ideal husband you might ask; what’s that honey, you woke me up?

One made of chocolate and praline perhaps, one who can fix the broken drain in just cut-off jeans and still smells like rosewood and patchouli, one who folds his socks in pairs might be adequate; I don’t know, maybe Oscar Wilde has a better answer than me. That is where the Wharf Theatre in Devizes comes in.

So yes ladies, the Ideal Husband is at the Wharf, rather than yours who is snoozing on the sofa, cuddling a bowl of cheesy puffs with his hand down his pants. Running from Friday 26th January to Saturday 3rd February, the Wharf’s next production is Oscar Wilde’s brilliant tale of political scandal.

Wilde introduces his audience to a young, highly respected politician, whose murky past comes to light at just the wrong moment. Lord Chiltern is on his way up and is being spoken of as a possible future Prime Minister. He is considered morally upright without a stain on his character and his wife, Mabel, considers him an ideal husband.

However it soon emerges that his meteoric rise was not without compromise and an early indiscretion leaves him wide open to blackmail; tales of political scandal are nothing new.

Tickets are now on sale at £12 with £10 concessions and can be purchased from the Devizes Community Hub and Library on Sheep Street, the Wharf Theatre website or call: 03336 663 366


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