Mind your Manners; Special Brew are coming the Cons Club in April

With barely enough time to tack another mirror to their Lambrettas, The Devizes Scooter Club is zooming forward with a Bad Manners Tribute band on April 28th at their regular venue, the Conservative Club.

After booking Northern Soul DJ Terry Hendrick for 24th Feb and hosting a 70s/80s disco on 31st March, are they out to put a gig on monthly? I asked the Colonel of the club Adam Ford. “We’ve got six dates in 2018 so far,” he told me; bookmark 30th June, 25th August and the 27th October in your busy diary rude boys and girls.

specail brew

Now you don’t have to be a Tiswas devotee to know the music of Bad Manners, surely? Formed in 1976 in North London, the Two-Tone band had enormous success with several notable hits you can’t help but dance to.

I recall seeing them at Level Three in Swindon in the nineties, on a tangent, it’s sad to hear the news Sheer’s night with Frank Turner will be the last gig there. A sad day for Swindon’s music scene, the venue and the Rolleston pub next door has been going for as long I can remember. I recall fond nights with the likes of the Skanxters and Zion Train.

Bad Manners though, they gave Millie’s “My Boy Lollipop,” a gender-swap cover, “Lip up Fatty,” was an anthem, “Lorraine,” and “Walking in the Sunshine,” both fantastic, and when they did the Can-Can, even my gran would be shaking a leg at those eighties family parties. Personal favourite though has to be “Special Brew,” which coincidently is the name of the Cardiff-based tribute act heading this event.


We’re just entering our 4th year of playing,” the band’s manager Wayne told me, “Things have gone from strength to strength.”

Of course, irregular frontman Buster Bloodvessel is the main reason for the notoriety of Bad Manners; that belly, baldhead and, well, that tongue. He managed to get them banned from Top of the Pops, and let’s just say the Pope didn’t take to kindly to him, or his backside, either. I asked Wayne if he’d met Buster and if he approved.

“We’ve met Buster a few times,” he continued, “he totally approves of us and appreciates us doing what we do. Angela, our sax player played for Buster and Bad Manners at last year’s Cardiff gig.”


Doubly confirming this tribute act isn’t watering anything down, their frontman goes by the name of Busta Bollock, and sure looks the part.

I asked Wayne for their favourite Bad Manners tune. “I guess each member has their own favourite but as a band we’d have to say Lip Up Fatty,” he answered, which didn’t help my patience any in anticipating April 28th; can’t wait!

Special Brew @ The Cons Club: April 28th 2018


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