Where’s best to go for Valentine’s Day in Devizes? Don’t get over-excited.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love my website, if that’s possible to do.

Going on recent positive stats, the good people of Wiltshire are feeling the love for Devizine too. We’re growing at a superfast rate, so as it’s the season of love, and I thought there was a lot of it going around, I planned to write a piece on the best restaurants to take your Valentine.

Seriously figured it’d make an informative post, and helpful to those romantic-at-hearts simply too busy with the stresses of life to get around to locating the ideal place. Created a Facebook post, messaged as many local great places to eat as I could possibly think of, and sat back and waited for the list to compile.

Unfortunately the result was appallingly slim and the whole shebang is a bit of an anti-climax! (Yeah, that’s what she said.) Seems many pubs and restaurants either haven’t anything organised in particular, don’t read Facebook messages, would rather not associate with my pitiable website, or are just overbooked already. To merge all those possibilities let’s assume for ease they don’t want free publicity. C’est la vie, see I talk French too; can’t be so common not to warrant a reply, you would’ve thought?!

What the heck, a couple of donner meat and chips will do the trick on the 14th February, no expense spared. Jokes aside, since the Kebab House on Northgate Street reopened with new management, there’s actually some tasty kebabs to be had there. Don’t knock it, it’s an option and that’s all I’m saying.

However if you insist, here is the ultimate list of restaurants as compiled from the huge response from our appeal:

The Moonrakers Bar & Grill in Devizes always does a special menu on top of the grill menu for Valentines, and to top it off they give all the ladies a heart balloon and heart chocolates too. Which is one away from flirting with your chick eh?! Still, the Moonrakers is such a superb eatery I’d let them off. Yeah, whatever, take her to the cinema, I’m staying here to finish this steak!

The Bistro in Devizes have the last few tables still available for their Nuit D’amour menu; this one could be the most romantic Valentines, like, ever.

But get in touch quickly if you’d like to reserve a table at either, or you’ll be disappointed and end up meeting me at the chippy. I’ll be the one under the Pukka Pies poster with a haddock on my head, wearing a battered sausage for a tie and nervously holding a beautiful bouquet of pickled gherkins.

That’s all folks, hope it all goes well! And if so, Jefferson’s would like to remind you studs, they’ll be open for their best breakfasts in town the morning after!

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