Name of The Game; Abba Tributes turn Devizes’ villages into a Disco Frenzy!

Abba are not like Marmite, we have a love-hate relationship with the Swedish pop divinities; you know you shouldn’t, because you’re an old punk, a hardcore raver, or into thrash metal, but one aperitif at the family wedding and you hear those immortal opening lines, “Friday night and the lights are low……” Resistance is futile, you’ll succumb, assimilate into the disco-Borg collective and spin the plastic chair around only to strut like Travolta to the dancefloor, taking granny’s hand and pirouetting her to a frenzy.



It’s so addictive, so catchy, despite any abhorrence of manufactured pop, there’s something deific, irresistible, about the music of Abba, and it beguiles one and all into its euphoric magic. Abba’s music could turn Johnny Rotten into Pete Waterman in one flash of a disco ball, it’s the epiphany of pop. Unfortunately, alas the real thing is something lost in time, you had to have been there, and worn bellbottoms. Unless you’re lucky enough to pick up the last few tickets to Swede Dreamz, the UK’s top Abba Tribute act, at The Market Lavington Community Hall on Saturday (10th Feb.)





Formed in 2004, and with numerous local sell-out gigs and shows, Swede Dreamz plays to packed audiences across the UK and beyond. With such attention to detail both vocally and visually, Swede Dreamz beseeches the closest thing you’ll get to reality; you’re sure to be having the time of your life.



Cheery organiser of the Market Lavington Music & Comedy Club, Ted Osborn, is certain this will be a sell-out, that’s why I’m here, because you need to get to Devizes Books, the Lavy post office pronto, or pray there’s still a few left on the door (£12 or £15 OTD.) If all else fails you can try Ted at this number: 07399591101 (tell him Devizine sent you and thank him for the music!)



I’m sorry, I should’ve put this article out there long ago; but don’t put your platform shoes back in loft, there’s an Abba alternative if all else fails, it simply means waiting until the spring day of April 13th, and heading out the other side of town to the Seend Community Centre, where another Abba tribute, Abba Sensations, are appearing. With a wealth of significant clients, and many years’ experience, the Sensation also boasts to be the UK’s most sensational and authentic Abba tribute,  “with stunning harmonies, costumes, choreography and a sprinkling of light-hearted humour.”





£15 Tickets for this one are on sale now, from the Seend Community Centre and Seend Post Office. I’d advise you get in quick here too, it’ll be a race where the winner takes it all; you’ll end up just singing the swaggering in your kitchen, humming Fernando into a tear-sodden handkerchief!


Swede Dreamz, Feb 10th @ Market Lavington

Abba Sensations April 13th @ Seend

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