Day Break

I’ve a message for all those teary-eyed about the Killertones and Going Undeground split; do not despair. It was obvious this Swindon team wouldn’t stay quiet and while Gouldy and Cath have been acoustically gigging as Sound Affects, they’ve another trick up their sleeves.
Teaming with Steely and Stig from the One Chord Wonders, they’ve formed “The Daybreakers,” who’ll be making their debut at the Swiss Chalet on 17th February. Playing covers in their own unique fashion, we can expect known tunes from Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Clash, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Violent Femmes, The Dead Kennedys, The Undertones, The Ruts, The Smiths, Blur, Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Waterboys, The Pogues and they’re keen for you to note, of course, The Levellers. Damn, if that doesn’t read like the ultimate “Now that’s what I call Music” compilation, if Virgin/EMI pulled their finger out of Simon Cowell.

With all singing, Iggy Gould on guitars and banjo, Cath York playing accordion, violin, viola and flute, drummer Chris Steel and bass by Dave Renton, it’s going to be one interesting, and particularly loud development. An edgy philosophy against inequality, corruption, elitism and greed, the Daybreakers blend traditional acoustic instruments with an electric back line, their key to creating a unique sound influenced by the classic UK scooter, alternative and indie scenes.

The Daybreakers formed towards the end of last year, but commitments to the Killertones/Going Underground and their own acoustic Sound Affects, caused them to put a hold on the Daybreakers setup. Cath was keen to inform me The Daybreakers is more of a progression from the alternative namesake Going Underground, so it seems the Killertones label has not been quashed completely and may yet play the occasional gig. I don’t know, there’s so many incarnations of this team it’s hard keeping track, but what I am sure of is these guys are thoroughly dedicated to reverberating some quality nights.

So I’ve nicked this great quote from Cliff Keith Dixon, about the original embodiment of the Daybreakers; I reckon it explains all: “I went to see the first official gig of ‘The Daybreakers’ at the Carters Rest in Wroughton, the band made up of Goldy, Cathy and Steely from the killertones and Stig from the One chord wonders. I witnessed the birth of a monster, this band is going to hit Swindon for six. The sound of the music they play is so distinct it is beyond compare to any other local bands. I have been watching bands for years and this band is going to be massive. Watch out for their future gigs you will be stunned at what these musicians will deliver.”

I’d like to wish them best of luck with their new project and warn them to play in Devizes soon, or else! You can catch Sound Affects live at the Crown in Lechlade tonight (Sat 10th)

Daybreakers : 17th Feb @ Swiss Chalet.

Daybreakers Website





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