Bentley’s Gym Row for Julia’s House

Bentleys Gym on Hopton Industrial estate in Devizes is fundraising for Julia’s house children’s hospice and the Royal Marines charity.

This Saturday (10th) at 5pm, 12 members are attempting to row 1’000’000 metres in under 24hrs. I had to ask if this was 1,000,000 metres each or together, being everything I know about gyms could be written on the back of a matchbox!

Turns out four rowing machines will be used over the twelve brave participants; I’m tried just typing about it.

So, best of luck to all of you!

Bentleys is run by mum Mary and her son Adam, both fitness instructors and is proudly a iQniter heart rate installed facility, which uses interactive live feed technology to offer a unique fitness experience and classes to suit all.

Even me, a mere couch potato?

Anyway, there’s a raffle with some amazing prizes; a 32inch TV, weekend away, vouchers, and much more. Tickets are just £1;  pop into Bentleys to grab a ticket.

Please spare a few pounds and donate to this here: link:





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