Outlaws and their Orchestras at Devizes CMC

I know, you try to blot out the insane blethering which is No Surprises Living in Devizes; I don’t blame you. I would too, but being as I write the damn column, it’s not so easy for me to forget them. So I guess when I say, “hey remember that one when…blah, blah, blah,” you guys sarcastically reply under your breath, “yeah right, course I do…..”

I’m not going to nuisance your sarcasm impulse this time, only to say there was one week where I ventured to the Conservative Club to meet Dean during his Devizes Country Music Club night, believe me it’s true.

I carried a bag of preconceived ideas about what to expect upon arrival, about what Country Music is and how it rolls. Unsurprisingly, much of it is true; line dancing, Stetson hats, etc. However Dean was keen to point out the Devizes CMC is so much more than this cliché and he attempts to break stereotypes surrounding the music he loves, by booking bands which do just this, in order to attract a wider audience.

So I could spend another few hundred words trying to convince you his efforts are earnest and true, that the CMC is not always what you think it is, but I’d rather take this ideal opportunity to preview Sunday 14th October’s planned event as a prime example of what we’re trying to get through to the local community; there’s a more universal appeal to this music then you might think.



So, on this date, the Conservative Club host the Devizes CMC with a Southampton outfit called The Outlaw Orchestra, hard Southern country rock, merging bluegrass fashioned traditional banjo with raw rock n roll and Cajun, Dixie and Flamenco, and, and, and well, watch the clip; it’s tough, wild and energetic, verging on punk – everything you thought country music isn’t, I’ll guarantee. Try line-dancing to this and you’ll snap a limb!

This powerhouse four-piece formed in 2016, and comprise of drums, banjo, guitar and double bass. With their debut ten track CD, Dirty Diesel, they have drawn comparisons with Humble Pie and The Black Crowes, through to the Cosmic American country genre.


Recent accomplishments include a home territory sold out show at the Portsmouth Guildhall, packing the indoor stage at Bristol’s Grillstock Festival alongside Hayseed Dixie and The Darkness.

Just last year the band secured an endorsement from Swedish Rock‘n’Roll craft beer company Pistonhead lager, who added them to their artist roster of “bands to watch out for.” They also gained endorsement from ‘Cloven Hoof’ spiced rum, who’ll be booking them for various festivals and events this year.



Yeah, you have to wait till October for their arrival here and your Sundays to never be the same again, but it’s advised you book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets for the extremely popular The Outlaw Orchestra are out now from:


Until then, you should check the website for closer events; although please note this Sunday 4th March, the CMC has had to be cancelled due to weather, like so many events this weekend.

Still, Dean is one of many dedicated to bring Wiltshire something different, catering to the customary Country fans but hiding in the agenda is a faithful desire to widen the lure and attract a new audience. For this, you have to tip your Stestson, especially for these outlaws:





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