Help DOCA Ignite the Night and Let it Shine

What does DOCA mean to you? Talking backpacks and singing maps, Swipper no swiping?

No, that’s Dora, idiot! The Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts is a whole lot of good, with a sprinkling of bad. Bad only in letting locals know they need their help, which says to me they’d earnestly rather not, they’d rather just do what they can to provide us with free entertainment to the best of their ability; a street festival, the carnival, oh yeah, plus the Christmas light switch on and lantern parade. But with the cutting of arts funds, we owe it to them to give a little back, if you want it.


The most original and curious of these has to be August’s Confetti Battle, it’s archetypally Devizes; you know it, I reckon you’ve been at least once. Each year, thousands crowd the Devizes Market Place for an hour of complete madness at the Confetti Battle; it’s bonkers with full-beam headlights.

Last year was one of the best attendances in many years; everyone had a ball, but there was a lack of funding for fireworks and they were unable to give the battle the customary finale.


The 2017 Confetti Battle. Image used with Permission from Gail Foster

Bods gathered at their online devises, as they do, to whinge and complain about the lack of fireworks on Facebook groups. DOCA responded with the statement, “we know a few of you were disappointed as there were no fireworks, so how about helping us to bring them back this year?”

They’re asking for donations, anything you can offer in order to stage a spectacular firework display. There are collection boxes, at The Vaults, Tundra Jewellers and Luna For You. Alternatively, here’s a link to donate online; just click it dude/dudette!

I’m not about to fib, and I’ll put it in a way DOCA probably wouldn’t, but the online stats looks rather awful; just 9% raised last look and only twenty-seven days remaining on the campaign. 150 notes is going to provide everyone with a sparkler, and yes, I know the majority attending are young families, probably the worst affected by this financial slump, but what if you consider yourself past all that? Surely you a recall a time when you did go, and you did have fun? Maybe you’d like to continue the magic for the next generation?



Yeah okay, that’s the Christmas Lantern Parade fireworks, but that’s cos there wasn’t any at Confetti Battle was there, huh?

It’s a classic conundrum; if everyone gave a couple of pounds….. it could ignite the light and let it shine. Just think, you’d own the night better than Katie Perry; ’cause baby if you want a firework, show DOCA what you’re worth, and if you can, make ’em go “oh, oh, oh!” I’m sure they’d like that.

If not, don’t go whinging on Facebook about not having fireworks at the Confetti Battle, just stay at home and watch Dora the Explorer and Boots have more fun than you!




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