Urban Lions Help The Barge


The Urban Lions of Lionheart Records, a touring band and sound system currently rising up through the underground UK roots and dub scene, have joined forces with Malfunktion Soundsystem, Earth’s Radicals and The Barge Co-operative, to bring us an evening of music, fun and frolics, in order to raise funds for The Barge at Honey-Street.





Urban Lions are firing up the dance with headline sets at festivals and venues all over the UK and overseas with a feisty fusion of bashment roots, dub, ska, dancehall, funk, rocksteady beats, filthy horns, skanking rhythms and conscious rhymes. They’ve secured a record deal with Amsterdam based label ‘Earth Works Records’ and released their debut live EP, “Urban Lions In Amsterdam.”


I’m sure you’re familiar with The Barge Inn, Honey-Street, and know it’s history. Made famous by the international crop circle community, the bands that have played there, the campsite’s mini festival vibe, the canal dwelling boating and music loving communities, The Barge Inn was a very special venue in a truly magical setting in the heart of the Pewsey Vale and became a unique imprint in the culture of Wiltshire and beyond.


People came from all over the world to experience the magical vale vibe, to dance to the bands, to sample the beer, to camp in the field and tell stories around the fire pit. But the Barge is under threat. The current owners have closed the pub and are selling it on.


The Barge Co-Operative now have the option to buy the pub, but first they need to raise enough funds for a survey and legal fees to assess whether it’s feasible to do so.


So the Urban Lions and collective are to put a gig  on at the Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, on 31st March; doors open at 6pm, with a minimum fiver donation on the door. There will be live music from them, and the Boothill Allstars, Tripolar, the Malfunktion Sound System and the Earth’s Radicals.

Info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/180111689266399/






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