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Without me sounding like a stuck record, or this site becoming the Tamsin Quin homepage, the finale of my Saturday afternoon was spent with our Devizes musical heroine, and a dollop of others, as, after Friday’s successful album launch gig with backing of It’s Complicated at the Cellar Bar, she returned as just her and guitar to the Vinyl Realm record shop in St John’s Devizes to a humbling performance.

A small condolence for missing the gig, of which feedback was positive, and a chance to hear some of the album tracks I’ve been listening to, live and acoustically. There was also a new song, “Tip of my Tongue,” some of her favourites and of course “Ooby-Doo,” from the Jungle Book whereupon she invited her number one, and undoubtedly youngest fan, Jack to an amusing dance-off.

Here’s the attraction of Tamsin’s performances, they’re amicable, congenial, as friendly as one big happy family, but within the confines of a record shop even more cosy.

As said then, I don’t need hark on about Gypsy Blood, her new album, here’s our review if you’ve not read it yet. I just wanted to add something, more so about the excellent shop we have here in Devizes.

I know Roger, of Sound Knowledge in Marlborough, invites many renowned artists to play a gig near his shop with a meet-and-greet afterwards, and this could be the kingpin to the survival of his record shop in this day and age in such a small town. But Jacki and Pete angle this differently. This is not going for the big names, this is about promoting our local scene and giving an opportunity to be heard among residents perhaps not into or able to venture out to pubs in the evenings. Think of it even as a try before you buy, as the DIY creations of these artists are also on sale in the shop.


Pick up local artist’s albums at Vinyl Realm

For this Pete and Jacki should be supported, I’d have thought the record shop would’ve been heaving, what with other daytime events in town, but to be honest it was just us handful. Find myself pondering what may have happened if Ed Sheeran popped into to sing a song, if Pete let him!

We’ve a healthy live music circuit here, with many very talented young people, we must support it and back those who are supporting it.

Here’s me warbling on, this was the first time I managed to get down, daughter’s football season ended and all, so yeah, I know there’s a thing, Saturday afternoon may be booked in your diary.

Still, I’ll let you know the Vinyl Realm Facebook page is the best to keep abreast of what’s happening down there, if you can make it, be a part of the gang. As June 2nd sees the brilliant Trowbridge sing/songwriter/trilby-hat-wearing Phil Cooper performing from 4pm – 6. To take a look at Phil you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s just that bloke you work with who doesn’t have much to say, just munches his cheese and pickle sandwiches in the lunch hour, reads a few pages of a library book and gets back on with his job, but I assure you give the guy a guitar and microphone and he is a rock god. With subtle but thoughtful sing-a-long rock tunes, Phil Cooper is a very talented performer whose skill with a guitar is something to behold.

Then June 16th sees the approachable Jamie R Hawkins, who not adverse to singing covers if obligatory, his own work has won him awards and whose a powerful mixture of storytelling, moralising and poetry have won him critical acclaim in the UK and around the world, and he lives right here in Devizes. Two good reasons to pop in, and buy a record while you’re there!




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2 thoughts on “Vinyl Realm; afternoon music hub of Devizes”

  1. Oh dear. The words ‘many very talented young people’ let this piece down IMO. Whilst it may well be true, it’s ageist and discrminatory and makes me, not the youngest pebble on the beach, feel bad. Just leave out the word youg. People are people.


    1. Ha-ha, I’m sorry Graham, i know how you feel; no spring chicken myself. Naturally we have many talented local people of all ages, and assured they’re not forgotten about….now, what was i talking about again? Pass my pipe and slippers.


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