Hands in the Air with the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, oh, and Peter Andre!

Get this, right, according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, Peter Andre is eight days older than me. Yet here’s a current picture of the singer-actor-six pack, pitted against one of me; how’d that happen?


See if you can work out which one is which.

Now, if you liked the fellow, with his Mysterious Girl and his erm, other song he did, you’ll be.. (what? No, I’m not jealous thank you) delighted to hear to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, he will be appearing at Civi-Pop, an all-new festival in Lyneham alongside rave group Baby D, Eurodance band the Urban Cookie Collective, Zambian singer Rozalla and more acts to be announced.

Rozalla; back in the day

If the initial headliners sounds like a dodgy flashback to the nineties, Civi-Pop express, “a wide variety of local and national bands will be playing everything from pop and dance to hard rock with the odd choir and orchestra thrown in.” Which is good, the wife threw my white gloves and fluorescent dust-mask away a long time ago ( managed to hide the fluffy bra for prosperity though.)

Boasting more than one stage, food stalls, Lyneham’s very own Castle Combe Brewery, fairground and the REME museum also running an Annual Fete with games for the kids and tours of the recently opened museum, it sounds like a blinder. With limited parking and off-site camping available, The event is open to the general public, as well as military with all profits going to charity. It’s happening on the 21st July, so plenty of time to practise your big fish, small fish, cardboard box dance.

It sounds like a hands-in-the-air kind of blast, I’m going to dig out an old rave tape, “Everybody’s freeee, to feel good…….” Opps; need a little lie down now.

See here for details of how Peter Andre could be your Fantasy and book tickets to Civi-Pop. Facebook event page here.




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