Modernisation of Football Pitches at Green Lane, Devizes

Angle left a bit, then hard lock right and hope you’ve managed to avoid craters akin to a Halley’s comet impact site. That was my technique for getting the kids to football practise at Green Lane’s Playing Field in Devizes; would be highly surprised if it’s changed much, if only for a few more exhaust-crunching potholes. That though is set to change.

If you’ve survived the carpark, it’s a lovely large space, used for archery, the skateboard park and other leisure pursuits as well as the beautiful game, but let’s face it; it isn’t about to convince FIFA to host the next world cup there; might need a few luxuries added, like a toilet! Oh, not forgetting you need to be gone by sunset, lights are for big town’s facilities like Beaversbrook, Calne and Stanley Park, Chippenham.


However, plans to improve the site were met with some criticism online, from the fate of the Archery Club to a rare species of bat in the area, it’s likened to objections to a crusade to build another Wembley Stadium on holy land. The most inane being that some like to walk their dogs there. Hello? It’s called Green Lane for a reason, there’s ample for this and still plentiful space to walk a dog, hold archery and even create space to maintain wildlife is protected.

This may’ve developed from an article in the Gazette from 8th May, which stated, “Ambitious plans to turn neglected playing fields in Devizes into a football hub for the whole of Wiltshire have moved forward.”

I spoke to Tom Scott-Kelly of the burgeoning Bishops Canning’s Youth FC, who’ve used the facilities for many years and are keen to push the project forward. “Funding is in place from the Council and the FA to replace the car park, install a full size 3G pitch, along with changing rooms and toilet facilities. Planning permission is submitted and we hope for building to commence January 2019.”


“I think there have been some misconceptions about what’s going there,” Tom explained, “This is why the council are coming down to our open day to let people know the truth. The building will only be big enough to house 4-6 changing rooms, some toilets, storage areas and an office or two. And, the floodlights will be timed, and only on when the pitch is used.”

Modern floodlights project downwards and do not protrude far from the pitch anyway, I figured. This should be a most welcomed development.

The open day is on Saturday 30th June, Wiltshire Council Football Association, and Bishops Cannings Youth FC invite all to discuss it, air thoughts to the council organisers driving this wonderful project.


Modernising the Green Lane Playing Fields, you know, is long overdue. How can a town support youth sports without this move? How can we promote girls in football, for instance, when there’s no changing rooms and toilets? Not forgetting reconditioning the car park, road going onto the site, and your exhaust pipe!

Show your support, and enrol your next Harry Kanes and Lucy Bronzes to Bishops Cannings Youth FC while you’re there! Reception to Year 5: 10.30am-12.30pm and Year 6 – 8: 13.30pm-15.30pm.

30th June Open Day – Reception / Year 1 / Year 2

30th June Open Day – Year 3 / Yea 4 / Year 5

30th June Open Day – Year 6 / Year 7 / Year 8

7th July Open Day – Reception / Year 1 / Year 2

7th July Open Day – Year 3 / Year 4 / Year 5

7th July Open Day – Year 6 / Year 7 / Year 8


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