Welsh Alt-Rock Band Holoson Pillars New Chapter for the Cellar Bar

The Cellar Bar of the Bear Hotel in Devizes received an illustriously fervent awakening last night when three-piece Welsh alternative rock band Holoson crossed the border, came, saw, and kicked ass. In checking notes made of this evening for this review I find I managed a sentence: “Saturday night down the Cellar Bar: F****** Loud!”

Kind of sums it up in a word, but to expand would also include words like passionate and accomplished, for Holoson certainly pushed all the right buttons, very hard.

With members made up from Blacksphere, hugely popular on the Welsh rock scene, Holoson merged popular covers from the likes of Muse with equally storming original material. Nods to tough blues and verging on metal, Holoson are a force to be reckoned with.

Like Jon Bon Jovi in his prime, as if the self-styled bandana-attired frontman wasn’t apt and raw enough, Blacksphere’s female lead singer Gayn joined him on the cobblestone corner to blast out proficient and energetic vocals, ensuring this conglomerate has fire and appetite, which protruded onto Devizes’ otherwise silent Market Place.

If you like your rock hard, raw and energetic then I’m certain our area hasn’t heard the last of Holoson and Blacksphere, as their expert drummer, Luke actually resides in Devizes, constantly travelling back over the bridge with keen dedication to this band.

I had the time to catch up with Luke prior to drumming like Animal from the Muppets, as original organiser of musical extravaganzas down the Cellar Bar, Mirko, is handing the baton to Luke. “He’s the new face here now,” Mirko explained, “and has my full support.”

(blurred photos: a sign I had a blinding night!)

Mirko strongly believes he has the drive and head to organise some cracking nights at the lively and ascetically-pleasing cavern which is the Bear’s Cellar Bar, and from just the quick word I had with Luke, I too have equal faith in him. Opening up from Fridays to cover Saturdays and eventually weeknights only the tip of the iceberg. Luke will draw on his own contacts, discover the best of our local music scene and host them for a new, youthful chapter in the Cellar Bar’s history book.

But don’t run away with the concept The Cellar Bar is to be Devizes answer to a Hard Rock Café, just because of Luke’s band; he was adamant to explain he wished for a variety of genes. “What about non-musical events?” I asked, nodding a note to Martin’s successful and always hilarious “Moonraker Comedy Nights.” Again Luke was positive he’d be interested in booking acts of anything arty and creative, highlighting theatrical performances too.

So observe this space as The Cellar Bar enters a new realm of entertaining Devizes, as Devizine will be watching this with a keen eye and advises you to do the same.

Holson’s Facebook Page

For nights down the Cellar Bar



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