Scooter Rally moved to Rowde

With wristband tickets planning to be on sale by the end of October, there’s no stopping for the Devizes Scooter Club in arranging the first (I believe it’s the first unless anyone can correct me) Devizes Scooter Rally, in July 2019. Although there is one major change, it’s location.

Club organiser, Adam Ford announced the new yesterday that the prestigious and highly anticipated event is to be moved to Sands Lane playing fields in Rowde. At present every other detail remains the same, the bands, prices and camping options, the whole shebang.

“Main reason for change is the area,” Adam informed me, “it was looking a bit tight for space over at Coate, and we’ve a lot of people enquiring about space for Camper vans, etc.” It is hoped that with the greater area to work with, families wishing to attend will not be crammed in with other punters and further camping possibilities will become available.

“We’re really excited now,” Adam said, “and it’s full steam ahead.” Added addition to the new space will be options for a bar hoping to challenge pub prices, making it cheaper for the attendees, The Scooter Club are dedicated to making this as affordable as they can, without compromising on the quality of acts and happenings; the free camping option with a full wristband also being an acme to this ethos.

With continuing events at the Conservative Club, next up being Welsh soul band Gimmie Some Lovin’ on 27th October, the Scooter Club continue to adjust minor rudiments to improve and expand this forthcoming extravaganza; but this one in particular I thought would be of interest. For more details of the bands, etc, we’ve dedicated a whole page to the event, which can be seen here. Yeah okay, clever clogs, I’ve not changed the venue info on there yet, gimmie a chance will yer? Only got one pair of hands!




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