Can You Help with Christmas Shoeboxes for our Troops?

Get this, right, I’ve never, ever, in all my years, which aren’t as many as you may think, worked on Christmas Day. I despise the idea of working right up to the day, or even in the in-betweeny bit, and if I was to have to, the only thing I’d want is to do is get back home to my family, or prior to having a family, the pub!

For tis the season to be jolly, to be with the ones you love, Noddy said so, and to all who do go out to work on that special day, for reasons of goodwill and to help others have a great Christmas, takes a lot of doing that we should be grateful for; there I’ve said my piece. Try to imagine though, if after working that day you couldn’t even get home, double-trouble; can’t imagine what that’s like.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, the point. The Smiles Club, Wiltshire’s Operation shoebox is a Devizes-based arm of a group who send much needed Morale boxes out to our military deployed on active duties. They are in desperate need of items to go in the Christmas Shoeboxes for our troops. If you are able to donate anything Christmas related, from decorations, Christmas cake, puddings, mince pies, Christmas presents, sweets, chocolates, wrapping paper and, of course shoeboxes it would be greatly appreciated. You can even send a Christmas card.

Recently the group’s organiser Amanda Wood-Woolley received a direct request from a Major, deployed in Estonia, one of the biggest locations the group send boxes to, with 800 troops, humbly requesting that no boxes are posted after 23rd November as mail is not getting through as quickly as they would like.


So, the group, who operate all year long and have featured on local BBC for the Royal Wedding, aim to compete their mission by November, the final sending date is between 20th-23th at the latest. Anyone interested and with items to go into Christmas boxes, please them know when you would like them collecting, there’s a Facebook group to join with stacks of information how to help, ideas on what to get and even some heartfelt thank-you-notes from the troops. Amanda invites you to send her a personal message on Facebook, should you not wish to join the group, or you are not on Facebook, her email is:


Smiles Club



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