Welsh Soul Band gave Scooter Club some Lovin’

A risky situation arose as James took to the stage at the Devizes Conservative Club last night, one slight jump from Welsh soul band, Gimme Some Lovin’s huge lead singer and he would’ve smashed his head on the ceiling. You couldn’t have slipped a sheet of paper between them. “We can’t wait to blow the roof off Devizes Scooter Club!” they wrote on their Facebook page prior to the gig, might’ve been for the best if they took it literally!

Pleased to say such incident didn’t occur, and the band’s presence was felt, large as their frontman, they blasted an excellent evening of classic soul covers at us, and metaphorically yeah, the roof blew off.


Another quality and successful night for the Devizes Scooter Club then. Their singers swapping lead gave the show great range. James has the robust soulful vocals to carry off an awesome rendition of Little Help from my Friends, Joe Cocker style, and even make a grand job of Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness, a challenge for the most accomplished vocalist. Two female singers, Jo StClaire and Eve Taylor, gave Gimme Some Lovin’ another couple of perfect dimensions, chatting outside to a friendly Jo, she informed me she’d only been with the band a month; a most welcomed addition with an awesome voice.

The group were just as enthusiastic to be in our town as we were for them to be here, and they channelled that fervour into their show. Highlights for me had to be the introduction to the second half when the brass section and bass player impressively carried off Peter Gunn, and the remaining band returned to slide into Knock on Wood, and Mustang Sally followed this. I do not recall, however, hearing Gimme Some Lovin’ by the Spencer Davis group, after our preview spurted on about their namesake tune; not to worry, I was probably busy….at the bar.


I have to say, unsure what the warm-up DJ was thinking, treating the place like a children’s birthday party in 1987, sure he played a sprinkling of archetypical but standard two-tone hits such as Bad Manners, but bouncing behind the decks waving his hands in the air like he was Fatboy Slim on a bank holiday Brighton beach whilst Tiffany and a plethora of corny eighties pop trash spun from his speakers, I had to shiver; was this a Halloween joke? Certainly, quite horrific, I sucked my lip and prayed for a good main act, and Gimme Some Lovin’ certainly provided that, a massive well done and thanks to them.

Trilbies off one again to The Devizes Scooter Club for a lively, welcoming and brilliant night of live soul music, something which despite its popularity here at the club, Devizes seems to lack elsewhere.



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