Back by Popular Demand, The Wiltshire Boy Continues Solo Campaign

“By popular demand I was asked to switch on the London road traffic lights,” announced our intrepid hero, The Wiltshire Boy. Part in the huge response to his one-man campaign against the roadwork lights there, seems dredging up old news and opening  healing wounds will not stop him on his earnest crusade, neither will the minor oversight that the traffic lights are not due to be switched on yet.

“I must be in the wrong month, I reckon, as no one showed up; but it was still a special occasion!” he gladfully explained, “I will try again next month!”

“What about the traffic lights to the roadworks, were they on?” I felt it vital to ask, as some lights, any lights there would least gain this video some clout, and they certainly seem to grab social media attention; can’t begin to imagine why.

“I didn’t really look mate, the new ones were all covered up,” The Wiltshire Boy responded, “I just tried to find traffic lights I could look sexy next to….”

Though it may/may not have worked, and sound effects may/may not have been added, The Wiltshire Boy nearly lost the faith of his work companions, and their friendship hangs in the balance over an idol promise of cake.


Oi, you going to “like” the Wiltshire Boy Facebook page, or what? Poldark does.




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