Devizine Awards Results; about blinkin’ time too!

Some might say happy new year, what lovely fireworks.

Others might say it’s a farcical pageant for a generation of infantile gurning, self-indulging dunces to rejoice the impending most ambiguous year in our nation’s history by throwing billions of needed money up in smoke. Dreary bloody grouches.

So, with sore heads we plunge into 2019, bequeathed by our leadership with nonchalant promises; they know what they’re doing, and an idle request to be united when the shameful reality is, we’ve never been so divided; politically, financially and in opinion of this dodgy fiasco we call Brexit. The only thing which seems to unite us is the notion we cannot accept this pledge from the one person who pledged it, that and, of course, the very fact no unnecessary finances will be thrown at some lavish ceremony for the 2018 Devizine awards; that’s a sure thing!

Honestly, not trying to twist your frazzled mind this morning, it is all about as much bull as us leaving the EU, for the whole idea of having a Devizine award ceremony was based purely on a joke, a satirical stab at another local website’s frivolous awards. Then though, right, I find that I can add poll questions to an article, so I did, just for the hell of it, cos I could. Sorry, it won’t happen again.


So, thought I’d better post the results, without too much waffling; drum roll, or least foot-tap, please…..


Firstly, we asked you to vote for the Best Local Venue/Event Organiser:

The runners up: with 14% of the vote, The Southgate Devizes, and Sheer Music with 22%.

The Winner, with 32% of votes goes to The Devizes Scooter Club.


Yay, applause! All the best for 2019 to you all.


Our Best Local Female Solo Artist:

Runners up, with 6%, Lottie J, and with 24%, Kirsty Clinch.

And congratulations to winner, Tamsin Quin, who stole the show with a staggering 59%!


Congratulations girls, and wishing you all the best for 2019.


Now, the boys; Best Local Male Solo Artist:

Equally pipped, the runners-up both got 15% of the vote, and they’re none other than: Vince Bell and George Wilding.

The winner, with 38%, is Jamie R Hawkins.


Well done guys, congrats and all that, best wishes for 2019!



And the results for Best Local Band/Duo of 2018:

Runners-up, The Day Breakers, with 11% and The Reason, with 15%.

But the winner, with 40% of the vote, is: da-da-da-da-da….

People Like Us!


Well done to all, here’s wishing you a great new year too!

Finally, based purely on releases I’ve personally reviewed this year and not on votes, I’d like to announce two more awards, for best local album and EP of 2018. It wasn’t an easy decision, but:

THE BEST LOCAL ALBUM of 2018 can only be, in my opinion: Colour in the Sky by Jon Amor. Reviewed here.


THE BEST LOCAL EP of 2018, also in my humble opinion, has to be, unquestionably: Soul Sucker by The George Wilding Band. Reviewed here.



Right that’s that that’s all that then, you don’t want to be reading too much today, well done to all; I’m off to the visit the toaster, see if my stomach can accept solids again. Have a great new year’s day everyblobby, I lurve n wanna snog you all, no, really, I do, tongues an all; pass on my man-flu.

Adverts & That!



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