Larkin about at The Cons Club

Photos Used By Kind Permission of Nick Padmore,

(and I didn’t even let him sit on my knee this time)


Oh, hello, s’ me, in 2019, not really gotten over 1989 yet, but here nonetheless, reporting on things which happened last year, still. Just a quick one then, we’ve already reviewed the “Live by Night” EP, and we wouldn’t want the boy’s heads to swell excessively, now would we? Needless to say, though, Sam Bishop and Finley Trusler, aka Larkin, did put on a grand show between Christmas and New Year at the Devizes Conservative Club for the launch gig of the aforementioned EP.


It was an intimate yet ample crowd of family, friends and fans, united in celebration for all these guys have achieved. After an acoustic support, Sam and Finley, accompanied by a fine selection of acquainted musicians, showed professionalism, magnetism and aptitude as they ran through some tunes from their previous album, some covers from the likes of Mumford & Sons and REM, but most importantly, and poignantly, replicating their new tracks from the EP impeccably.


I said of the EP, when I reviewed it in November, “a natural and positive progression from their debut album, concentrated into three solid and marketable tunes that Sam and Finley should be very proud of.” And deservedly proud they were, as I’d argue it’s their originals which dominated the evening, not the chosen covers, which is how it should be for a duo who strive to improve. 1AM particularly polished, and the encore of Solace in the Dark, debatably the anthem of the previous album, Set You Free, finalising the evening with panache and style.

It was that good, I suspect most had forgotten their free CD lodged in their pocket until they returned home. I discovered it in the morning, a refreshing present aside the thermal socks and Lynx deodorant sets, of which although I’m grateful for, they can’t hold a note like these guys!


Well done lads, and all the team involved; I wish you all the best for 2019, when I’m certain Larkin will push new boundaries and entertain crowds even further afield. As it stands though, this gig insured, Devizes loves yer!

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