Final Thought on Spider-Milk-Man Day!

There’s been a few fond memories out there on the milk run, but today was the pinnacle. I think you’ve seen the coverage, maybe you’ve heard enough about it all now, but I have to say yet again, a massive thanks to everyone who donated and supported this bizarre fundraising erm, thing.

Image by Gail Foster, thanks Gail!

Here’s some photos and videos of the shift, which simply wouldn’t have been the same without Wonder Woman turning up in Bottlesford to help. I was a drying drowned rat by this point, and it gave me that extra boost to continue. At the last count, we raised £1,238, which is simply incredible.

Image by Gail Foster

If you do Facebook, the video diary is up there to see, starts a bit dark, middles with despair and thoughts of if Spiderman would make it of the storm aplenty, the culmination was simply delightful, and the conclusion left me trundling off on my own again, hoping this was not the end to my friendship with the adorable Carmela, Lucy and Darren. We will continue to support and publicise all the great fundraising actions of others for this worthy cause, and I wish Carmela and her family all the very best wishes.


Here’s the link to their website, if you’d like more information.

Enough blabbering, here’s the photos of what has been a great adventure.

Image by Gail Foster


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