Tunnel Rat Refurb their Studio for Social Distancing Recordings

Unaware of their sound until now, but I’ve heard only good things about South Wiltshire duo Illingworth. Via this video you can hear their worth, a wonderfully executed rock power ballad, “Sing it.” High time to review their September debut album New Normal based on this, me thinks, but for now we’re here to mention the recording studio, as that’s what the video is promoting.

In a friendly, rural setting Tunnel Rat Studios is based in Haxton, near Salisbury, and only opened last year, but since had clients such as professional opera singer, Deborah Mansi, singer-songwriters Paige Dobson and Emma Burton, as well as aforementioned Illingworth. The news is though, they have just had a major refurb. “Is this to enable better social distancing measures?” I asked engineer and producer Eddie Prestige, one half of studio’s pair, with Jolyon Dixon, each of whom have over thirty years proven experience in the industry.

“Yes,” he replied, “it was mainly for social distancing measures. However, we have upgraded our equipment too.”

Tunnel Rat Studios can now offer fantastic quality recording in a larger, covid19 secure environment, with experienced professional engineers and session musicians available in house to help. There are separate performance and engineering rooms, with full line of sight between the two.

Their comfortable live room is plenty big enough for up to four people to play together. The control room, which can record up to sixteen channels of audio simultaneously, and have high-end outboard equipment, like the Manley Voxbox channel strip, and it’s accessed by a separate door. Containing a 2020 iMac, running Logic pro X with many of the latest software instruments and first-rate plug-ins, including Waves bundles and Celemony Melodyne studio 5, a Black Lion audio analogue to digital converters, mind-print DTC channel, and Kemper profiling amplifier, and Peluso 2247le (Tube U47 clone) Lauten audio Clarion (FET Condenser) microphones. There are a matched pair of Miktek C5 (small diaphragm condensers) and 2 MXL Lundahl edition R77 ribbon mics. They also have all the usual dynamic mics like shure SM57 (x2) shure SM91 (x2), and for monitoring they use genelec 8020 speakers and Event Opals.

Now, you see, that technical jargon is all double-Dutch to me, sounds good though and I’m certain if you’re a musician into getting sound production perfection, considering Tunnel Rat might be an option, they promise it’ll be an affordable one. They’ve even a unique Christmas gift package, a voucher for the aspiring singer or musician, offering studio time vouchers from as little as £125, valid for a whole year from purchase. Each voucher entitles the recipient to studio time at Tunnel Rat, and they encourage you to get in touch for more details or to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Here is their website.


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