Will Lawton’s Rhythm Practice

Local music therapist Will Lawton plans to open a Music Therapy practice in early 2021, based at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham. The service will help develop a positive change in the well-being of individuals of all ages through the creative use of music, facilitated by trained music therapists. Can you help Will reach his target?

In total, £8500 is required in order to equip a room with high quality music instruments and equipment. £6000 of this target has already been pledged by the council and a school, leaving an outstanding balance of £2500. This final balance must be found in order to unlock the rest of the grant funding to bring this project to life.

Donate here, thank you

Weekly Roundup of Events in Wiltshire: 6th -12th October 2022

Here’s what we’ve found to do round and about Wiltshire this coming week, unless you like staying home, scowling at your electric smart meter as it ticks down pounds like a stopwatch attached to a timebomb.….. In a week where our illustrious MP Danny K’s words of reassurance blazed a rim-job op-ed in the trustworthy … Continue reading “Weekly Roundup of Events in Wiltshire: 6th -12th October 2022”

Bishop’s Cannings Crown Forced to Cancel Events

You’d be forgiven for assuming The Crown at Bishop’s Cannings desire a gothic exodus of drugged and depraved heathens sacrificing virgins into a hellfire den of iniquity on a daily basis, if you believe the pitches of complaints by a sole villager. When, in reality, all that’s really happening is the occasional small gathering with … Continue reading “Bishop’s Cannings Crown Forced to Cancel Events”

REVIEW – The Brook Street Band @ St Marys, Devizes – Saturday 1st October 2022

Baroque & Roll Andy Fawthrop The last time I was in St Mary’s church was well before the C-thing to see TiTCo perform Spamalot, and not a lot has changed to the venue since then.  It’s still a largely a disused church, with all the religious fixtures and fittings still in place, and with exactly … Continue readingREVIEW – The Brook Street Band @ St Marys, Devizes – Saturday 1st October 2022

@The Southgate

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