Etchilhampton Hill, The View Above Devizes

Our rambling reporter, T.B.D Rose is roaming once again, eastwards out of Devizes this time…..

Along the A342, you can see the signature Lion Monument at the entrance of an uphill road.

If you follow it you’ll find yourself by the Chalk Pit where you can park up instead of taking the road down into Etchilhampton village itself.
You’re on Etchilhampton Hill.

Walking past the Pit there’s a gate taking you to the Hilltop.

Even on a wet day it’s a wonderful walk for anyone willing to brave the elements and take in the unique view of Devizes and the historic scenic hillsides.

You might even be able to make out the Pewsey White Horse in the distance!
And if you’re ambitious you can walk over the hill onto Etchilhampton Road which leads to Coate and eventually the canal, beside which you can find the reputable pub The Bridge Inn on Horton Road.

The hill has several other paths, one for example which leads out onto Brickley Lane where you can head into Devizes Town, and another through a wooded pathway that comes out opposite Stert Village.

There are countless recommendable shortcuts and walkways you can take in the surrounding area and the fun is in discovering them. Hikers, sightseers and locals looking for a long walk take note.


One thought on “Etchilhampton Hill, The View Above Devizes”

  1. At the very top of Etchihampton hill there used to be an underground bunker that I believe was to be used as a local command centre in the event of nuclear war. Of course, this was back to the time when such a threat was very real. I have looked on google maps and can see no sign of it now. Perhaps it was removed or maybe overgrown. The Lion statue too brings back memories of my very first love in the early 60s..but that’s a story too long to tell on here.

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