Song of the Day 42: The Piaggio Soul Combination

Randomly, long overdue, and hopefully welcomed, it’s the return of our Song of the Day posts. A short article usually without much actual reference to the subject, rather a quick nonsensical thought accompanying a video; something I can knock out quickly on my phone while watching mind numbing bollocks on TV.

Let’s say no more about knocking anything out with a phone, I’ll endeavour to try not to let it slip again, but make no promises, I’m dodgy like that.

So, on to the actual video! Italian mods, The Piaggio Soul Combination have just released this swinging classic soul sounding single, the first from their forthcoming third album Soultimate, and we love it. So, get your talc out, and bust a your move.

The joyous retro-soul floorshaker ‘Hang On’ is taken from the album Soultimate, their first album for punk and garage label par excellence, Area Pirata. Set for release at the end of January, it’s also the band’s first album to find them collaborating with Arkansas-raised singer Lakeetra Knowles.

 Hailing from Pisa and led by keyboard wizard Marco Piaggesi, the collective recorded the album with UK producer, musician, writer and Blow Up club DJ Andy Lewis. Formatted with club DJs in mind, the 14-track Soultimate is released on double 45 rpm 12-inch vinyl

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