Bishops Cannings Parish Council Renovate YMCA Memorial

When I started Devizine I never imagined I’d be writing about a memorial which looked like a litterbin, but I did, because it did, and it was being used as one. I’m glad to say little over a year later the memorial has been restored to its former glory by Bishops Cannings Parish Council.….

A happy ending to a mysteriously unfolding saga, whereby folk far more knowledgeable on this, and likely most other subjects in general, enlightened us to what it was, why it was placed there and why it had been so sorely forgotten. The article took a number of edits, to the point I stagnated frustratedly; am I still writing about a bin-like memorial?!


Due to a boundary change on which The YMCA Memorial was previously moved to by Devizes Town Council, adjacent to the former Aster building, it wasn’t until it was bought to the attention of the Bishops Cannings Parish Council that it been inherited by them, they sought to rectify the state of the memorial. And look at it now!


By the power of Greyskull, Bishops Cannings Parish Council, if this isn’t the second time in as many weeks, I’ve had to sing your praises; go steady, you’re putting other local town and village councils to shame!


Weekly Roundup of Events in Wiltshire: 7th – 13th June 2023

Trouble, troublemaker, yeah, that’s your middle name, oh-oh, sings my homeboy Olly, but really, I ask you, what kind of a parent gives their kids a middle name like troublemaker? Ah, well, sign of times; here’s the lowdown on everything we’ve found to be doing around these backwaters this coming week…. Don’t forget there’s more…

CSF Professional Wrestling returns to Devizes

CSF Professional Wrestling returns to Devizes, on Sunday 25th June for a very special edition of CSF SHOWDOWN! Following multiple sellouts of the venue, The Corn Exchange will again host this spectacular event as twelve top stars arrive to do battle in five Pro Bouts of High Flying, BodySlamming, Action Packed Family Entertainment. The Undisputed…

Local Artist Clifton Powell Commissioned by King Charles for Windrush Portrait

Last time we mentioned local Jamaican-born artist Clifton Powell, he was commissioned for the English Heritage exhibition, “The African Diaspora in England.” This time he has been commissioned by King Charles and a Windrush Portraits Committee, marking the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the HMT Empire Windrush to Britain, to participate in a series…


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