The Story of Plastic; Sustainable Devizes Free Film Event

It’s okay, do I look like, Kenneth Williams?! You don’t have to answer that. This is not Jackanory, I’m not here to tell you a story, other than an ickle trip down memory lane. I am here to announce the rescheduling of a film event by Sustainable Devizes….

Sustainable Devizes inform us that 38.5 million plastic bottles are bought in the UK every day. It makes no sense, plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, and yet we use it to store products that we consume within minutes. I’m guessing most of us are guilty, it’s hard not to be in this day and age. I know I am, and I’ve been reminiscing about when I was knee-high to an elf, being dragged unwillingly along a neighbourhood house, where us kids were expected to entertain ourselves while the mum’s had a Tupperware party.

That’s was the start of it, right there; mums persuaded by a friendly sales rep to ditch their old biscuit tins, because these unbreakable beauties would preserve your food forever! They bought them by the truckload, of all shapes and sizes. Though they were durable little buggers, compared to today’s throwaway abominations, they kept for generations, if slightly moulded.

Now my daughter frowns at me, when I try to justify it all; but as Yazz said, we were the plastic population, bought up with it; we honestly didn’t have a clue, and any dictation that the planet may be at risk would’ve been intuitionally ingrained into us as “hippy rubbish.” Sad, really, isn’t it, and likely propagated by the plastics industry.

The plastic crisis is part of the climate crisis. 99% of plastics are made from fossil fuels. One in every ten barrels of oil is being used to manufacture new plastic. We need to drastically reduce the amount of plastic we produce.

And I know this, I hear you, but changing the habit of a lifetime? I try; I’m recycling like a boss now good enough, eh? But Sustainable Devizes say, “it’s clear that recycling is not enough of a solution either. Only 9% of plastic ever produced globally has actually been recycled. We need to ditch disposable plastic and embrace reusable products wherever possible. We can free where we live from single-use plastic.”

So, I’m glad to see the rescheduling of a film screening at St Andrews Church in Devizes, which was cancelled due to lockdown. It’s free, there’s cake promised, it’s on Wednesday 28th September and it’s about the Story of Plastic. I’m going, hoping it will hammer the final nail in my archaic habits. You can come along too, but you need to book a free ticket online, HERE, just so they know how much to cake to make….in which case perhaps I should book two seats for myself! Hope to see you there.

Of course, without too much a of plug, you can ditch your plastic milk carton as of tomorrow, if you order a gert lush glass bottle of Plank’s new organic range, and it’ll be delivered by a gorgeous bloke with a smile and an electric works vehicle, made in 1981! Send them a message on Facebook, here, shameless promotion over!   


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