Lou Trigg, and Some Flowers

Uplifting and sentimental, Flowers is the new song by Chippenham singer-songwriter Lou Trigg very worthy of your attention and playlist. A chorale delicacy, it trickles along sublimely, like staring thoughtfully through a rain-drenched window, nice and cosy, perhaps with a hand painted chipped-mug of lukewarm but earthy tea.……

Lou is a new one on us here at Devizine, and a welcomed blessing, explaining the idea for Flowers is “about loving someone in a long-distance relationship. Like my other songs, it’s very honest and close to my heart.” Which is precisely the way it comes across, if only one good reason to give it a listen.

Long distance relationships, though, do they ever work out, I mean, really? Any parallels from my own life I reminisce as infatuations only! But it’s the thought is, here, more than anything; the fervency of passion is expressed exquisitely through Lou’s hauntingly acute vocals. There’s a touch of folk, reminding me of Daisy Chapman, somewhat, but this euphoric orchestral ambience is the kingpin.

There’s a further five angelic and orchestrally ambient ballads up on Spotify ranging from 2019, unsure if they’ve all been bought to life by Martin Spencer of Potterne’s Badger Set, but Flowers has, and it’s a little piece of gorgeous.


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