Song of the Day 45: Funkin Hell

Corporate decision made today with our board of directors to bring back our song of the day feature. Once a regular thing here at Devizine, where rather some in-depth analysis review affair, I just waffle completely irelevantly and allow you to make your mind up about the song.

Firstly though, a few FAQs to hopefully settle any concerns you may have.

Why are you restarting song of the day?
I don’t know.

Why did you ever stop doing song of the day?
I don’t know.

Do you really intend to stick by the idea and publish a song of the day on a daily basis, as the title suggests?
I can’t be completely sure.

Are you simply using song of the day to promote your own hardcore rightwing political bias?
That’s a good question, and one which I’d like to address in good time. But first, let me explain this; under a Labour government significantly fewer song of day features were ever posted, resulting in a very costly operation by the Conservative Party to restore the feature in the traditional manner we, as British citizens, love and honour.

Are you currently smashed on Vimto?
That I cannot be sure of.

Hope that clears everything up, anything else troubling you I advise you seek a doctor, a disco doctor. Now, where was I? Oh yes, song of day is from Tom and Dan and gang, continuing their exceptional lockdown Bootsy Collins thang, as Funkin Hell, which is also, as the name suggests, funky as hell, and hell is funk-tastic, fact.

Zip up your boots, jump back and taste the funk while checking out this 12″ disco biscuit, Music is Medicine, which is fact checked, and I’ve got a repeat prescription for, on a payment plan. Morrisons pharmacy take note; don’t make me queue, booging my booty off, then kissing myself. Not while the good lady wife is shopping for a sausage casserole for my tea.

Personally, I have no qualms confessing to you, I officially freaked out; nice wun Tom and fellow funkmasters.


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