Swan Dies on the Crammer, Devizes

Saddened to hear of the death of a swan on the Crammer today, via Devizes Police who were called to its attention last night.

The Crammer Watch team keep regular watches of the Crammer. Undoubtedly the swans are miserable with the cold spell, but at this current time the cause of its death it’s undetermined. In speculating it may be avian bird flu, the operative word is “may.” The mere mention of it on social media, which has already occured for the purpose of a warning to keep away from the swan, risks the spreading unsolicited rumours.

“Crammer Watcher” Brian, who regularly visits the pond, noted “at no time has any of them shown any respiratory problems. No classic signs of avian flu at all.” Obviously we should all take the advise to keep away from any dead wildfowl, but the last thing we need is scaremonging Chinese whispers.

The bird’s plight of not having a natural food source on the Crammer is an ongoing issue. Recently the Facebook page reached out to the public, suggesting you should feed the swans, ducks and geese, if you can. Some of the swans on the Crammer are underweight, they are all very hungry and need food to get them through this cold spell.

But there was a plea to all from the page, not to feed the wildfowl mouldy food. They need specific food, which you can buy at Rangebourne Pet Care on New Park Street, and the store is offering a 10% discount during this cold spell. But if you are going to feed them, you must keep your distance at this time, and contact the RSPCA or Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital if you are concerned about any of the birds on the Crammer.


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