Are You The Strongest Man or Women in Devizes? Yeah, So You Reckon!!

Who knew? Devizes has an annual Strongest contest; why am I the last to know about these things? Best guess is because I’d only show you all up!

Wiltshire born and bred, the saying goes, strong in the arm and thick in the head! Let’s forget about the latter bit, and concentrate on the first. Who is the strongest man and strongest woman in Devizes? And I don’t mean like a vintage cheddar type strong.

No need to take this outside, on Sunday 2nd April we’ll know for sure, pal, as Pure Grit personal training gym at Hopton Industrial Estate host their second Devizes Strongest competition at Devizes Football Club, and I’m like, that’s a great idea, something a bit different.

To enter costs £35, including the T-shirt, and places are filling fast. Of course, there’s different categories, from beginners and novice lifters to the experienced, of which you’re big and can find out about these for yourself, I’m more interested to wonder if this is a spectator sport.

I know, I’m old, and harking back to the grand days of good ol’ Geoff Capes and Iceland’s Jón Páll Sigmarsson, when The World’s Strongest Man content was something every man and his dog tuned in for, and thinking this might be a fun Sunday thing to watch. So I dropped a line to organiser and Pure Grit owner, Zoe Trevena, warned her I’ve no intention of lifting any cars in case she got the wrong idea, and she tells me it’s a mere two quid to come watch.

The competition starts at 10am, there will be food and side stalls, Zoe explained “we held our first Devizes Strongest Man & Woman last year. This year we have sixty competitors, 40% women 60% men. We also use the Wadworths Dray as part of our pulling event instead of pulling a truck!”

Story checks out too, via a quick online search I found the Wiltshire Times covered this last time, complete with a picture of Zoe pulling the dray. Wowzers; I’m not arguing with her even if she was making it all up! Is she trying to put the shire horses out of a job?!!


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