My Oasis of Calm… Vince Bell at the Southgate Devizes

By Ben Niamor

Vince is often shy of praise, yet his gentle, respectful delivery of his own wonderfully written songs and carefully chosen covers deserve a celebratory mention….

There are many a-decent artist in the public conscious who would envy the beautifully crafted lyrics of songs like Lisa’s Kitchen, or Spider-Man Pyjamas , and our town anthem, of course Vince’s Devizes song.

Whether it be a reflection on life’s changes and fragility or the wry comical observations on youthful misadventure, those of a mind to settle and really listen are rewarded with a most engaging and enveloping warmth.

As ever, I want to extend my warmest thanks to not only Vince but, of course, Deb & Dave who’s own passion for music gives us these wonderful gigs and harmonious relaxing Sunday sessions.

This is my town, and this is one of the biggest reasons I ain’t never leaving!


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